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Volume 7, Number 50

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16 December 2002                                 Vol. 7, No. 50


             Pythagorgrams | BasketMath Interactive
               NRICH Maths, The Online Maths Club

                  PYTHAGORGRAMS - June Lester

  June Lester has developed a simple tangram-type learning 
  widget, accompanied by nine questions, to help students 
  understand Pythagoras' theorem. Pythagorgrams require 
  a Flash 6 plug-in.

  Lester, a mathematician at Simon Fraser University,
  started the Math Design site in October 2002, with her
  first article, "Math Design: the what and the why of it."
  She describes the site as a home for her ideas and demo
  experiments in designing onscreen mathematics, such as
  Pythagorgrams, focusing particularly on its visual and
  interactive aspects.



                     BASKETMATH INTERACTIVE

  Select a math topic from the list, then answer BasketMath's
  questions for feedback. Asnwer incorrectly, and it shows the
  correct answer; answer correctly, and it runs an animation of
  a basketball player shooting hoops. Each question is created
  randomly with variability.

  Topics include:
    - Addition
    - Subtraction
    - Multiplication
    - Division
    - Rounding Numbers
    - Writing Numbers
    - Order of Operations
    - Common Factor
    - Multiply Signed Numbers
    - Perimeter
    - Distance
    - Word Problems
    - Map Reading
    - Decimal Subtraction
    - Decimal Division
    - Adding Signed Numbers
    - Exponents
    - Bar Graphs
    - Verbal Reasoning I and II

  The "results" button presents a page listing the topics
  attempted, the number incorrect, and the raw score.

  This site is available in Spanish.




  NRICH, an acronym for National Royal Institution Cambridge
  Homerton, is a collaboration between The Royal Institution,
  The University of Cambridge and Homerton College. The project
  aims to establish a permanent national center for curriculum
  enrichment to provide mathematical learning support for
  children of all ages.

  Resources include:

    Problems Archive

    Articles Archive

    Games Archive

    LOGOland Archive

    Interactivities Archive


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