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Volume 7, Number 7

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18 February 2002                                  Vol. 7, No. 7


         LSC-Net - TERC, Inc. | Workshops - AMATYC FDMC
                        Teachers' Place

                      LSC-NET - TERC, Inc.


  Best practices, issues, and resources for the National
  Science Foundation's 72 Local Systemic Change (LSC) Projects
  across the country are features of this site. Each of these
  projects provides teacher professional development and
  curriculum innovation in the areas of math and/or science
  at a district-wide level.

  Open to PIs, co-PIs, evaluators, and other grant project
  staff, the site also offers guests access to:
    - conference information
    - Who's Who (the LSC database)
    - sharing information and practical tips
    - discussions
    - program notes

  Reports from the field feature technology initiatives,
  summer workshop agendas, and case studies, reports of
  "mini-grants" that support the documentation of reform at
  the school level. The catalog of resources includes research
  databases, a schedule of conferences, materials and
  curricula, TIMSS documentation, bibliographies, video and
  multimedia materials, project websites, and an extensive
  full-text library of research papers.


                     WORKSHOPS - AMATYC FDMC
  The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
            Foundation/Developmental Math Committee

  Jamie Blair and JoAnne Thomasson have put together a list of
  workshop providers for topics relevant to community college
  developmental math educators. If you are interested in
  professional development workshops in the areas of assessment,
  math and test anxiety, study skills teaching strategies,
  technology, or tutorial services, see the resources that the
  AMATYC Foundation/Developmental Math Committee has created.
  This web page has contact information for the presenters and
  brief workshop abstracts.

  More information on AMATYC FDMC:



                         TEACHERS' PLACE


  Access the best resources for teaching math, including the
  Problems of the Week, Ask Dr. Math, the Math Library, and
  Teacher2Teacher -- all from one page. The Teachers' Place is
  not only for teachers, but has also been built in part by
  teachers. There are teachers' places designed specifically
  for the following levels:

    - Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
    - Elementary: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
    - Elementary: 3rd - 5th Grade
    - Middle School Teachers
    - High School Teachers
    - Two-Year College Professors
    - College & University Professors
    - Graduate School Professors


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