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Volume 8, Number 10

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10 March 2003                                     Vol. 8, No. 10


Math Tools: Building a Community | NASA Educator Astronaut Program
                   Number Recreations - Gupta


  With so much math software already available, how do you
  find just the right tool? How do you figure out which
  technology really benefits your students?

  The Math Forum invites you to explore these questions with
  Math Tools, our new library for mathematics software.

  We imagine a community library of software for computers,
  calculators, PDAs, and other handheld devices. With the
  library's organization, you'll be able to review, discuss, and
  share classroom activities; examine research; and encourage
  new software for a number of platforms.

  See our Preview site to check out the evolving vision:


  We have extended the collection of applets already in the
  Forum's Library by collaborating with the Shodor Education
  Foundation, which has contributed applets from Project
  Interactivate, and Utah State University, which has
  contributed applets from the National Library of Virtual
  Manipulatives. For this preview of the site, we invite you
  to get a sense of Math Tools by browsing the first area that
  we've developed, which are tools intended for seventh
  grade-level math:


  Our next foci will be precalculus, elementary level
  mathematics, and graphing calculator applications.

  To build a more connected community of mathematics teachers,
  researchers, and curriculum and software developers, we
  invite you to visit the Math Tools Research Area. Each month,
  moderator George Reese will post a brief summary of a
  publication in educational research and pose a few questions
  for discussion:


  The Math Forum is all about members helping members. Thanks
  to funding from the National Science Foundation, Math Tools
  offers you the opportunity to be part of a new and exciting
  project. Please spread the word. Let's work together to
  realize the potential of the Internet to help us, whether we
  are students, teachers, software developers, researchers,
  parents or administrators.

  Contact us now to get in on the ground floor and give us
  guidance, be a community leader, join in the discussion on
  educational research or develop resources and programs that
  meet your needs.




  NASA's Educator Astronaut Program site invites visitors to
  see learning in a whole new light. Students, educators, and
  parents can join the Earth Crew and interact with NASA in
  ground-based projects and missions, meet NASA astronauts and
  employees, learn what astronauts do and what it's like to
  live in space, and discover how space exploration impacts our
  lives on Earth.

  Areas of the site include:

    - Earth Crew
    - Astronaut School
    - Meet the Astronauts
    - Living in Space
    - Bringing Space Home
    - Explorer's Galaxy
    - What is an Educator Astronaut?
    - Nominate a Teacher
    - How Do I Apply?
    - What Are the Qualifications?

  If you prefer a text-only version, start here:



             NUMBER RECREATIONS - Shyam Sunder Gupta


  Gupta's site includes recreational aspects of number theory,
  prime numbers, and features a problem, CYF (Can You Find?).

  Topics include:

    - Rare Numbers
    - Equal Product of Reversible Numbers
    - Unique Numbers
    - Unlucky 13
    - Fascinating Squares
    - Curious Properties of 153
    - Amicable Numbers (Including Happy and Harshad Amicable Pairs)
    - Smarandache Sequence of Happy Numbers
    - Fascinating Triangular Numbers


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