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Volume 8, Number 13

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31 March 2003                                    Vol. 8, No. 13


     Dynamic Mathematics Visualization for Young Learners
        UBC Calculus Online | Andrew Lipson's LEGO Page

                    Sketchpad in Grades 3-8

  Researchers, curriculum developers, and educators have begun
  creating a curriculum and software structure around
  Geometer's Sketchpad technology in support of dynamic
  geometry visualization for all young learners.

  From a working conference, held at the University of
  Illinois at Chicago in February, 2003:

    - presentation summaries or abstracts
    - GSP sketches
    - Powerpoint presentations
    - other contributed material relating to each presentation

                      UBC CALCULUS ONLINE

  This site is being developed by a team within the Department
  of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia. The
  course notes cover these topics:

    - Definite Integrals & the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
    - Applications of the Definite Integral
    - Techniques for Antidifferentiation
    - Differential Equations
    - Weighted Averages
    - More Techniques for Integration
    - Taylor Polynomials and Series

  In-class Demonstration Projects
    - Introduction to Integration
    - Differential Equations
    - Probability
    - Series

  Calculus Online Labs


                   ANDREW LIPSON'S LEGO PAGE

  Creations "for your delectation and delight" include
  mathematical LEGO sculptures of:
    - Mobius Strip
    - Trefoil Knot
    - Figure Eight Knot
    - Enneper's Minimal Surface
    - Catalan Minimal Surface
    - Klein Bottle
    - Cross-Caps
    - Costa Surface
    - Scherk's First Surface
    - Bour's Surface

  Also, download .DAT instructions for assembling
    - one-way gear mechanism built out of LEGO Technic pieces
    - machine for turning itself off
    - Hoberman Sphere
    - mechanism to allow one motor to select which of four
        outputs a second motor will drive
    - "poor man's" rotation sensor
    - "bendy" axle
    - three collaborations with Daniel Shiu to reproduce
        works by Escher: Balcony, Belvedere, and Ascending
        and Descending

  See also Lipson's article "Mathematical LEGO Sculptures,"
  published by the Mathematical Association of America.



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