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Volume 8, Number 16

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21 April 2003                                    Vol. 8, No. 16


   Math Forum Survey | National Curve Bank | Puzzle Sequences
         The Math Forum's NCTM Meeting Notes and Feedback

                      MATH FORUM SURVEY

  The Math Forum is conducting a survey that you can accept,
  decline, or take later as you visit the different areas of our
  site. We hope that you participate in our survey. The
  information that you provide will help us better understand
  our users and help us to provide services that are more


                     NATIONAL CURVE BANK

  The National Curve Bank is a resource for students of
  mathematics providing geometric, algebraic, and historical
  aspects of curves through animation and interaction.

  Topics include:

    - Calculus
    - Pre-Calculus
    - History of Math
    - Limits
    - Fractals

  Submissions are encouraged.


                PUZZLE SEQUENCES - N.A.J. Sloane
         The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

  Try your hand at guessing the rules for generating the
  sequences given on this page.

  Visit the full site:

    - Database
    - Demo
    - Sequence WebCam
    - Index
    - FAQ
    - Versions in other languages
    - Recent additions




  The Math Forum staff enjoyed meeting with many of you at the
  NCTM Annual Meeting held in San Antonio, Texas, last week.
  The notes from our presentations are now linked from our
  workshop page:

  Connecting Schools to Local and Global Communities
  Using Online Mentoring

  Success with Online Learning:
  Engaging with the Math Forum Community

  Developing Teachers' Skills through
  Online Mentoring Services

  Download the PDF file:

  If you attended a session or visited us at our booth in the
  Exhibit Hall, we encourage you to give us feedback using our
  Contact Feedback Form.


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