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Volume 8, Number 17

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28 April 2003                                    Vol. 8, No. 17


 Exploratorium Store | A Brief History of Mechanical Calculators
                ISSAC 2003 - Drexel University

                     EXPLORATORIUM STORE

  The Exploratorium Store has three new publications for sale:
  Math and Science Across Cultures
    This book uses activities based on elements of other
    cultures to allow students to gain awareness of
    multicultural issues as well as an understanding of the
    day-to-day relevance of math and science for people of
    all backgrounds.

  Math Explorer
    A book filled with games, puzzles, and science experiments
    to help kids develop math skills while having fun.

  Square Wheels
    The latest in the Snackbook series, this volume features
    31 all-new Science Snacks.


                         by James Redin

  Redin describes the most common non-electronic calculating
  devices, starting 2500 years ago with the abacus and ending
  30 years ago with the introduction of the first electronic

  Part I - The Age of the Polymaths
  Includes the evolution of the calculating devices up to the
  invention of the Stepped Wheel by Leibniz.

  Part II - Crossing the 19th Century
  Discusses commercialized designs and abandoned designs, and
  the quest for a keyboard.

  Part III - Getting Ready for the 20th Century
  Reviews the development of office machines until the 1960's,
  when the first electronic calculators appeared on the market.

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  Mechanical Calculators Album

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                         ISSAC 2003


  The International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic
  Computation (ISSAC) will be held at Drexel University
  August 3 - 6, 2003. The international symposium provides an
  opportunity to learn of new developments and to present
  original research results in all areas of symbolic
  mathematical computation.

  Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation, a workshop at
  ISSAC 2003, will be held Thursday, August 7, 2003, at Drexel
  University. The workshop is free for all ISSAC '03

  Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:
    - Remote access to mathematical software over the Internet
    - Encoding of mathematical expressions
    - Interoperability between software that create, transform
      or display mathematical expressions via ad hoc
      communication protocols and software architectures
    - Web-based mathematics education
    - Access and interoperability to mathematical knowledge
    - Protocols, APIs, URL schemes, metadata, and other
      mechanisms for system interoperability,
      parallel/distributed computing, and standardization
    - Application of IAMC for practical purposes

  For more information on IAMC, current and past activities,
  and proceedings of previous IAMC Workshops, please visit the
  IAMC Information Site:



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