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Volume 8, Number 19

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12 May 2003                                       Vol. 8, No. 19


      Combinatorial Games - AMS | DataStreme Atmosphere
                   Virtual Paper Cut & Fold

                      COMBINATORIAL GAMES

   From a mathematical perspective, games aren't just for
   recreation. The analysis of combinatorial games often draws
   on many different parts of mathematics, ranging from
   analysis to knot theory to graph theory. Joseph Malkevitch,
   York College (CUNY), has written a two-part article on
   combinatorial games featured in the American Mathematical
   Society's "Mathematics Feature Column Archive."

   Part I: The World of Piles of Stones

     1. Introduction
     2. What is a combinatorial game?
     3. Finding the winner of a game
     4. Solving Nim
     5. Towards a theory for combinatorial games
     6. Towards the surreal
     7. References

   Part II: Different Moves for Left and Right

     1. Introduction
     2. Hex
     3. Hackenbush
     4. Counting and sets
     5. Surreal numbers
     6. Surreal numbers and games
     7. References


   Play some of the games online with these Java applets:

   Nim, from Cut-the-Knot, by Alexander Bogomolny

   Hex, from The University of Alberta Games Group


     DATASTREME ATMOSPHERE - American Meteorological Society


   DataStreme Atmosphere is a major precollege teacher
   enhancement initiative of the American Meteorological
   Society (AMS). Its main goal is the training of Weather
   Education Resource Teachers who will promote the teaching of
   science, mathematics and technology using weather as a

   Resources on the site:
     - Learning Files
     - Surface
     - Radar
     - Satellite
     - Upper Air
     - Watches, Warnings, Advisories and Forecasts
     - Extras

   A 13-week course is offered twice a year to selected
   participants. It focuses on the study of the atmospheric
   environment through the use of electronically transmitted
   weather data and learning materials combined with Study
   Guide readings and investigations.


             VIRTUAL PAPER CUT & FOLD - Mike Sokolov


   Learn how to make snowflake patterns and create a
   five-pointed star. The interactive site offers both a Flash
   tool and a faster, more fully-featured Java applet that
   allows you to save the snowflakes to a gallery.


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