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Volume 8, Number 22

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2 June 2003                                       Vol. 8, No. 22


      Student Projects on the History of Mathematics
            Sadlier-Oxford | GEOM ART RY - Martel


  The University of St. Andrews (Scotland) has recently added
  to The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive by posting
  essays written by St. Andrews students as part of their
  honours degree programs.

    - The French Grandes Ecoles, by Mathieu Ayel
    - Sofia Kovalevskaya, by Tom Burslem
    - Sofia Kovalevskaya, by Leigh Ellison
    - James Clerk Maxwell, by Kevin Johnson
    - Indian Mathematics, by Ian G. Pearce



  Although the resources have been developed to support users
  of Sadlier-Oxford educational materials, teachers, students,
  and families might find the glossaries and activities useful.

  Math Primary Glossary

  Math Intermediate Glossary

  Student Activity Center
    Math Activities and Vocabulary

  Teacher Information Center
    Math Teacher Info and Vocabulary

  Family Information Center
    Math Activities and Vocabulary
    Math Alive at Home in Spanish


                 GEOM ART RY - Ralph Martel

  Professor Martel, City University of New York, College of
  Staten Island and a resident of Westbeth, addresses the
  question of whether a painting must have an order within its
  two-dimensional design. His paper argues that "there is in
  fact a geometrical order to painting, regardless of the
  particular form of expression. There is a deep structure that
  unites visual elements in a painting; one need only ask the
  right visual questions."

  PowerPoint presentations accompany the paper.
    - St. John Eats the Scroll
    - The Four Riders of the Apocalypse
    - The Sea Monster and the Beast with Lamb's Horns

  Professor Martel's background:


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