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Volume 8, Number 23

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9 June 2003                                       Vol. 8, No. 23


        Teacher Support Archive - Problems of the Week
    Starship Maths - BBC Learning | AP National Conference

                   TEACHER SUPPORT ARCHIVE


  Teacher support pages for the Math Forum's Problems of the
  Week (PoWs) were written during the 2002-2003 school year to
  provide resources for teachers who used the problems with
  their students. Each page includes resources from Ask Dr.
  Math, Teacher2Teacher, Teacher Exchange, and an alignment
  to NCTM Standards for these PoWs:

    - Math Fundamentals
    - Pre-Algebra
    - Algebra
    - Geometry

  Use the "View the puzzle" link at the top of each Teacher
  Support page to view the corresponding problem. Use the
  "Print This Problem" link from the puzzle page to have a
  print-ready page to use with students.


                       STARSHIP MATHS

  Designed for 5-7 year old students, Starship Math has six
  different interactive games, all with accompanying resources
  for teachers and parents.

    - Place the Penguins
    - Cross the Swamp
    - Calamity's Quest
    - Park the Pods
    - Alien Cookbook
    - Number Jumbler

  Print and Do



  Other sites offered by BBC Learning:



                   AP NATIONAL CONFERENCE,,184-0-0-18248,00.html

  The second annual Advanced Placement National Conference will
  be held in Los Angeles, California, July 18 - 21, 2003.
  Professional development opportunities for both AP and Pre-AP
  communities will be offered.

  The registration form, preliminary program, mailing list
  links, and other information are all available from the
  AP Central site.

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