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Volume 8, Number 31

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4 August 2003                                       Vol. 8, No. 31


   Early Algebra, Early Arithmetic | Hogwarts Express - Brown
       Java Applets for Power and Sample Size - Lenth



  The Early Algebra Project by TERC and Tufts University
  examines young learners as they express general
  relationships among numbers and quantities through written
  notation, tables, and diagrams.

  The Publications section of their site offers abstracts and
  full files in PDF format. Articles include classroom
  episodes and examples of student work.

  Class Materials give a sense of the issues being discussed
  with grade 3 and 4 students. The materials are organized by

    - Title
    - Summary
    - Student's Work

  Discussion Group

  Member Signup Form

  Spanish version


             HOGWARTS EXPRESS - Judy Ann Brown


  Judy Ann Brown presented "Hogwarts Express to Improved
  Problem Solving and Mathematical Communication" at NCTM's
  81st Annual Meeting. Measurement, proportion, probability,
  graphing, and more were explored through the adventures of
  Harry Potter and his friends. View the PowerPoint

  Download the PDF files for the activities, including:

    - The Secret Passageway Play
    - Eight Digit Puzzle
    - House Flags
    - Secret Passageway
    - Wizard Cards Front
    - Wizard Cards Back
    - Coins
    - Bertie Beans
    - Hogwarts Express Problem Solving Set




  Russ Lenth at The University of Iowa has developed a set of
  Java applets to use in a statistics course. Each applet
  provides a graphical interface for studying the power of one
  or more tests. They include sliders (convertible to
  number-entry fields) for varying parameters, and a simple
  provision for graphing one variable against another.
  Select one of the applets from the list, including:

    - CI for one proportion
    - Test of one proportion
    - Test comparing two proportions
    - CI for one mean
    - One-sample t test (or paired t)
    - Two-sample t test (pooled or Satterthwaite)
    - Balanced ANOVA (any model)


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