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Volume 8, Number 33

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18 August 2003                                   Vol. 8, No. 33


    Math Forum Problems of the Week Opening with New Services
         Geometry Words | A Collection of Applets - Palu



   Our new year of PoWs begins on Monday, August 25, 2003. 
   We'll be offering free bi-weekly problems as we have in the
   past, and are also developing a number of membership
   services. Our goal is to engage students in non-routine,
   open-ended mathematics investigations based on the new
   standards in math topics, while encouraging clear mathematical

   We are offering free bi-weekly problems in

     - math fundamentals
     - pre-algebra
     - algebra
     - geometry

   The problems will include answer checks so that students
   and teachers can see if they are on the right track.
   Students can indicate an interest in free mentoring from
   mentor groups (college students) and volunteers when it's
   available. When a problem closes, students will be able to
   view its full solution for two weeks.

   In response to our summertime PoW Survey, we are developing
   a number of the membership services that teachers, parents,
   and students indicated that they were interested in. Our new
   paid services will include:

     - Teacher Account Subscription
     - Scoring and Summary Subscription
     - Mentoring Subscription
     - Bring Your Own Mentor

   Please continue to check this page to view current product
   and pricing information:



                        GEOMETRY WORDS

   Students enrolled in a math course for prospective elementary
   teachers at Oklahoma State University have developed a
   visual geometry dictionary for kids and their teachers.

   The visual display is organized into these categories:

     - Lines and Segments
     - Angles
     - Triangles
     - Quadrilaterals
     - Polygons
     - Circles
     - Folding or Reflecting
     - Other Terms

   Other resources developed under the "Rich Problem Solving
   Contexts" project can be viewed:



             A COLLECTION OF APPLETS - Sione Palu

   Math Tools community member Sione Palu has been working with
   the staff at the Math Forum to make his Java applets
   available for classroom use. Palu has offered to consider
   creating additional applets using topics suggested by
   teachers. The applets he has created so far include:

     - Polynomial Roots
     - Frequency Distribution
     - Completing the Square
     - Polynomial Fitting
     - Statistical Analysis
     - Number Works
     - Polynomial Differentiation 

   Read about Palu's background and educational philosophy:


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