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Volume 8, Number 34

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25 August 2003                                   Vol. 8, No. 34


           Count Us In! | USA Mathematical Talent Search
          Clockworks: From Sundials to the Atomic Second

                   COUNT US IN! - LEARN ONLINE


   This site sponsored by the Australian Broadcasting
   Corporation features fifteen colorful counting and math
   games designed to help young children understand basic
   number concepts. Each game has directions and some have
   levels of difficulty to choose from.

   Number concepts include:

     - Comparing and Classifying
     - Patterning
     - Counting
     - Ordinal Numbers
     - Representing Number 1-5
     - Representing Number 6-10
     - Addition
     - Subtraction
     - Data
     - Time
     - Numbers
     - Chance
     - Halves
     - Length
     - Volume

   Teacher resource materials are available for each number
   concept. The games can be played interactively online and
   also be downloaded in PC and Mac versions. The online
   versions require Flash.



   Four times during the academic year, participants in the USA
   Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) are given a month to work
   five challenging problems using any books, calculators,
   computers, etc. -- but all the work must be their own.

   Carefully written solutions are required for each problem.
   The problems range in difficulty from being within reach of
   most high school students to challenging the best students
   in the nation. Solutions are graded by mathematicians and
   comments are returned to the participants.

   The USAMTS is one of the ways to enter the process for
   selecting the USA Mathematical Olympiad team, which
   participates in the annual International Mathematical
   Olympiad. With permission, USAMTS participants' names and
   addresses are provided to colleges, universities, potential
   employers, and mathematical enrichment programs for
   recruitment purposes. The USAMTS is sponsored by the
   National Security Agency, the largest employer of
   mathematicians in the United States and possibly the world.


        CLOCKWORKS: FROM SUNDIALS TO THE ATOMIC SECOND presents a site about the development of
   instruments that have measured time over the centuries. Each
   instrument has a page featuring a description and an
   illustrated diagram; most include a QuickTime animation
   demonstrating how the mechanism works.

   Time instruments include:

     - Sundial
     - Clepsydra
     - Astrolabe
     - Candle clock
     - Sandglass
     - Weight-driven clock
     - Spring-driven clock
     - Pendulum clock
     - Quartz watch
     - Cesium atomic clock

   See also the Measuring Time article:


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