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Volume 8, Number 35

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1 September 2003                                Vol. 8, No. 35


      Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra | Simon Says
                 Thinking Fountain Shapes Cluster

                  by the Math Forum @ Drexel
                       John Wiley & Sons
                      ISBN 0-471-22556-8

  For almost a decade, kids have been writing to Dr. Math at
  the Math Forum Web site with questions about their math
  problems. And the math doctors at The Math Forum @ Drexel
  have been replying with clear explanations and helpful hints.

  "Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra" helps prepare kids
  for one of the biggest leaps in their math learning
  experience -- the jump from the concrete world of numbers and
  real objects to the abstract world of letters and symbols.

  The book includes dozens of letters from kids who've had
  trouble understanding the basic math concepts used in
  algebra, along with answers from trained volunteers drawn
  from a pool of college students, mathematicians, teachers,
  and professionals from the mathematical community. Topics
  covered include fundamental operations, integers, real
  numbers, equations with variables, algebra applications,
  and much more.

  For more information and a link to purchase the book from, please visit:

  The second book, "Dr. Math Explains Algebra," is available
  for advance purchase through and will be on
  bookstore shelves in November, 2003. The third and fourth
  books will cover geometry and will be available in 2004.

  We hope the books will find a place in classroom, library,
  and home collections. We invite you to display a link from
  your school's website to our book information page. Please
  use the information given on this page:


                         SIMON SAYS...

  Jeanne Winters from Princeton Community High School has
  designed a WebQuest for her calculus students. The WebQuest
  addresses the concepts of integration, elliptical curves,
  cylinders and the forces of gravity and lift.

  Using the resource links provided, students must design the
  hull of a blimp. This requires deriving definite integrals,
  and using technology to check work or approximate the
  "un-evaluate-able" integrals when necessary.



  The Science Museum of Minnesota offers hands-on experiments
  and activities that relate shapes to elementary math,
  science, and language arts. Each page lists related
  activities or resources, including recommended books.

  Other Thinking Fountain clusters include:

    - Tropical Rainforest
    - Loose Parts
    - Tools for Investigation
    - Science Props
    - Books You Can Use
    - Students as Designers
    - Journey North
    - Air
    - Project Galleries

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