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Volume 8, Number 42

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20 October 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 42


    Cayley Quilt Makers | Practical Money Skills for Life
                   Demos with Positive Impact

                      CAYLEY QUILT MAKER


  Dr. Laurie Burton, Mathematics Department at Western Oregon
  University, has developed a mathematical lesson using clock
  arithmetic to create math art posters. Students can create
  colorful posters based on modular arithmetic operations
  tables by painting their own pattern replacements.

  The applet by Scott Lopez includes several presentation
  options including:

     - reflection
     - rotation
     - Fibonacci
     - D4 table
     - golden rectangle
     - color addition
     - parallelogram

  Students can select the number of tiles, fill any tile
  background, and vary the painting pen width and/or color.

  See also:
    Math Art Posters and Clock Arithmetic
    Links to several printable Microsoft Word documents.

    Math Art Posters

    Download CayleyQuilter
    Software for Windows

    Clock Arithmetic Demonstration




  This free web site developed by the Visa credit card company
  is designed to help teachers, parents, and students practice
  better money management.

  Instructional activities are available in three lesson

    - grades prek-2
    - grades 3-6
    - grades 7-12

  Online calculators are featured for exploring saving and
  budgeting and for determining the costs of using credit
  cards and making loan payments.

  Games requiring Flash include:

    - Cash Puzzler, grades prek-2
    - Ed's Bank, grades 3-6
    - Road Trip to Savings, grades 7-12
    - Countdown to Retirement, adults
    - Smart Money Quiz Show, adults
    - Money Management Intelligence, adults

  In addition to online tools, free classroom material that
  educators can use to teach personal finance are available
  for download as well as in binder format.

  Also available in Spanish and Chinese:



  David R. Hill, Temple University, and Lila F. Roberts,
  Georgia Southern University, use a variety of techniques in
  their mathematics classes to try to get important ideas
  across to students. Their project "Demos with Positive
  Impact" focuses on demonstrations that use some form of
  instructional technology. They invite others to provide
  feedback on the available demos, and to submit demos of their

  Demos collected are organized under the levels of
  PreCalculus, Calculus, and Post Calculus, and are listed
  under the following topics:

    - Physical
    - Calculator
    - Databased
    - Browser-based
    - Software

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