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Volume 8, Number 44

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3 November 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 44


                     The Physics Classroom
         Virtual Skies - NASA | Vocabulary PuzzleMaker

                     THE PHYSICS CLASSROOM


  The Physics Classroom Tutorial is an online physics tutorial
  written by Tom Henderson for his high school physics students
  at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, Illinois. Today
  the Tutorial pages and other original Glenbrook South
  resources are hosted by StudyWorks! Online.

    - Physics Tutorial - Students can learn basic physics
      concepts and take online quizzes to check for

    - Multimedia Physics Studio - These multimedia animations
      help students visualize and understand major physics
      concepts. The animations cover common physics principles
      discussed in a first year physics course.

    - Physics Help - The resources in this section help
      students master basic physics principles including
      graphing, recognizing forces, vector direction, and
      vector addition.


                     VIRTUAL SKIES - NASA


  This Web site was developed by NASA Ames Education Division
  and is funded in part by Aviation Operations Systems and the
  Aerospace Education Coordinating Committee (AECC). It is
  designed for use by high school teachers and their classes,
  homeschool teachers and students in grades 9 - 12 as well as
  aviation enthusiasts.

  Sections of the site include:

    - Weather
    - Aviation Research
    - Airport Design
    - Air Traffic Management
    - Navigation
    - Communication
    - Aeronautics
    - Online Activities
    - Teacher's Desk

  If your computer cannot display pages requiring Flash 5
  and/or Javascript, a static version is also available.


                     VOCABULARY PUZZLEMAKER

  Available in both Windows and Macintosh formats, Vocabulary
  PuzzleMaker can be freely downloaded from the Glencoe Online
  site. The puzzle types include:

    - Crossword
    - Word Search with Words
    - Word Search with Clues
    - Jumble

  Puzzle files are aligned to each of the Glencoe texts:

    - Pre-Algebra
    - Mathematics Applications and Connections - Course 1
    - Mathematics Applications and Connections - Course 2
    - Mathematics Applications and Connections - Course 3
    - Algebra: Concepts and Applications
    - Algebra 1
    - Algebra 2
    - Geometry
    - Geometry: Concepts and Applications

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