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Volume 8, Number 49

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8 December 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 49


   Teaching Math | Descartes 3 | Making Tracks Towards Area

            TEACHING MATH - Annenberg/CPB Channel


  On January 1, 2004, the Annenberg/CPB Channel presents
  four self-directed mathematics courses for teachers, staff
  developers, and teacher educators. The courses are free, and
  available only online.

  The courses provide pre-service and in-service teachers an
  overview and exploration of the National Council of Teachers
  of Mathematics Process Standards at each of the four NCTM
  grade bands:

    Teaching Math, Grades K-2

    Teaching Math, Grades 3-5

    Teaching Math, Grades 6-8

    Teaching Math, Grades 9-12

  Register for "Teaching Math" or any of their workshops and
  courses at no cost by calling 1-800-LEARNER, or sign up at

  The "Teaching Math" programs require a broadband connection
  to the Internet (anything faster than a dial-up modem).
  Optional graduate credit for most workshops and courses is
  also available from Colorado State University, which offers
  participants two graduate credits for completing the
  "Teaching Math" programs.

  The Annenberg/CPB Channel is produced by Annenberg/CPB with
  the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.



  Descartes is a work tool for math teachers who want to create
  interactive lessons in Web page format. Use it to make your
  own interactive educational applets, or download any of more
  than 60 applets ranging from "representing numbers on a
  straight line" to "tables and algebraic terms," from
  "geometry and a game of billiards" to "applications of the

  The Spanish language supporting site offers:

    - Teaching Units
        An electronic mathematics book for secondary school
        students, organized according to the school year
    - Applications
        Pages developed by teachers for Descartes, organized
        according to subject area
    - Miscellany
        A selection of tools made with Descartes ready for
        immediate use in the classroom
    - Experiences
        Lesson plans that show how other teachers have put
        Descartes into practice in the classroom


  Download the applet as well as accompanying teaching units
  and applications, or request the CD-ROM. The Descartes
  Project is sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education,
  Culture, and Sport.


                    MAKING TRACKS TOWARDS AREA


  Chris, Jessie, Avie, Paul, and Luke, students from South
  Decatur Junior - Senior High School, are the winners of the
  ThinkQuest USA 2003 contest for the state of Indiana. Their
  site presents information about finding the area of:

    - Circles
    - Triangles
    - Squares/Rectangles
    - Other Polygons

  After exploring those pages, students can test their knowledge
  by selecting the link for Quizzes.

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