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Volume 8, Number 5

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3 February 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 5


           Game Theory in the News |
                     Inquisitive Problems

              GAME THEORY IN THE NEWS -  Mike Shor


  A regularly updated archive of news articles about game
  theory and probability. Hundreds of articles currently
  archived can be found through a search and are indexed by

    - date (1995 to the present)
    - application (e.g., Business, Politics)
    - game (e.g., Prisoner's Dilemma)

  This is a section of the larger site Game Theory .net, which

    - lecture notes
    - textbook reviews
    - interactive applets and games
    - print and online tests and quizzes
    - game theory in pop culture
    - resources on the web


  While many of the resources are aimed at a college-level
  audience, the interactive applets and games could be used
  starting at a middle school level.


                 PROUDNERD.COM - Heather Sable


  A commercial site specializing in products for the
  "self-assured nerd." Many of the items include a mathematical

    - T-Shirts
    - Long Sleeve T-Shirts
    - Women's T-Shirts
    - Sweatshirts
    - Hooded Sweatshirts
    - Boxer Shorts
    - Hats and Caps
    - Kids, Babies, and Toddlers
    - Bags and Backpacks
    - Mugs and Cups
    - Mousepads
    - Miscellaneous

  Solve the multiple-choice Math Problem of the Month to enter
  a drawing for free merchandise.



                      INQUISITIVE PROBLEMS

  B. S. Rangaswamy, a mechanical engineer from Bangalore,
  India, has contributed two inquisitive problems on numerals
  to the college level area of the Teacher Exchange.




  If you have a lesson idea that you would like to contribute
  to the Math Forum @ Drexel site, please visit the Teacher
  Exchange area of our site.


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