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Volume 8, Number 50

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15 December 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 50


 Phaser | The Educator's Reference Desk | Learning to Use Money



  Phaser 2.1, released on December 1, 2003, is a computing
  environment crafted for the graphical and numerical
  simulations of differential and difference equations, from
  linear to chaotic.

  Learn more about Phaser by viewing these sections of the

    - Main Tour
    - Numerics
    - Algorithms
    - Libraries
    - Equations
    - Gallery
    - PhaserHelp
    - Tutorials
    - FAQ
    - Projects
    - Reviews
    - Support

  A free and fully-functional 21-day evaluation version of
  Phaser is available as a download for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP,
  Linux, Solaris, or Unix machines. To permanently activate
  the evaluation copy, a single-user license can be purchased
  for US$49.99. Site licences are negotiated on a case-by-case




  The resources at will be moving to a new home on
  December 20, 2003. This new site will include

    - Lesson Plans
    - Resource Guides
    - ERIC Database
    - Question Archives

  Use their "Sneak a Peek" feature to preview their new
  resources. Use the "Remind Me!" feature to be notified when
  the new site is available.

  The AskERIC site and question-answer service itself will be
  discontinued on December 19, 2003.


           LEARNING TO USE MONEY - Jacobo Bulaevsky


  Jacobo Bulaevsky, along with Alana Hunter and Marcell
  Ortutay, has written a 1st-3rd grade lesson for students to
  learn the value of different coins and bills.

  The lesson includes:

    - The Story of Money
    - Learning about American Coins
    - Learning about American Bills
    - Using Bills and Coins Together
    - Lesson Description

  Students may practice what they've learned with Bulaevsky's
  "Money Program" Java applet

  View other Java applet lessons by Bulaevsky:


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