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Volume 8, Number 51

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22 December 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 51


    CalCPA Online: Community | NewsHour Extra | Solve This!

                    CALCPA ONLINE: COMMUNITY

  The California Society of Certified Public Accountants has
  put together a set of resources to help students and teachers
  learn about the accounting profession. The site includes:

    - What It's Like
    - Resources
    - What It Takes
    - Other Sections
    - Educators
    - Candidate Connection

  Also interesting is the information given in the main
  section of the site called AskaCPA. Questions and answers
  are organized by topic:

    - Personal Finance
    - Tax
    - Small Business
    - Money Management


                     NEWSHOUR EXTRA - PBS

  The Math and Economics section of NewsHour Extra offers
  stories written for students and reports from the NewsHour
  with Jim Lehrer, the nightly news broadcast on PBS.

  Resources include:

    - Lesson Plans
        A Gigabyte of Music, How Much Is That?
        Sampling Bias and the California Recall
        Paying for Crime
        Analyzing the Bush Tax Cut Plan
        Understanding Unemployment
    - NewsHour Packages
    - Transcripts
    - Extra Stories for Teens


                          SOLVE THIS!


  The winners of the ThinkQuest 2003 contest for the state of
  Vermont designed their site featuring these eight

    - Grace Hopper
    - Blaise Pascal
    - Sofia Kovalevsky
    - Leonardo Fibonacci
    - Augustus Ferdinand Mobius
    - Isaac Newton
    - Leonhard Euler
    - Friedrich Gauss

  At the end of each informational page about the
  mathematician, there is a link to a "quiz" presented in a
  variety of interactive formats. In addition to these
  activities there are thirteen problems and three games.


                  THINKQUEST 2004 COMPETITION


  ThinkQuest is an international competition where student
  teams engage in collaborative, project-based learning to
  create educational websites. The winning entries form the
  ThinkQuest online library. The registration deadline for the
  2004 competition is February 29, 2004, at 11:59 pm (eastern

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