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Volume 8, Number 52

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29 December 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 52


  HandyGraph Version 1.1 | MathPro Press | Archimedes Palimpsest

                     HANDYGRAPH VERSION 1.1


  Del Rey Incorporated has released the Microsoft Word X
  version of their HandyGraph software. HandyGraph creates
  custom grids and blank graphs within Word documents, and
  is used for mixing graphs with text.

  Linear graphs, logarithmic graphs, and number lines can be
  produced in any size and number range. The user can
  customize the axis labels, including the use of pi and
  fractions, and specify grid spacing and colors.

  HandyGraph 1.1 must be used in conjunction with Microsoft
  Word: Word XP (2002), 2000, or 97 on Windows or Word v.X,
  2001, or 98 on Macintosh.

  Download a free demo copy:


  For a licensed copy without limitations, the product may be
  registered for $21.95. CD-ROM copies may be purchased for
  an additional $8.00 (shipped to U.S. addresses only), and
  site licenses are offered at a discounted rate.


               MATHPRO PRESS - Stanley Rabinowitz


  MathPro Press specializes in the publication of compendiums
  and indexes of mathematics problems. Purchase MathPro Press
  books of problems from math olympiads and contests. Find a
  variety of resources in these areas of the site:

    - MathPro Online - a collection of 20,000 math problems
    - List of Mathematics Problem Books
    - Web Sites about Mathematics Competitions
    - Math Problem Center
    - Related Places of Interest

  Under "Electronic Publications" there are a number of
  resources, including:

    - Mathematical Style Sheet
    - A Survey of Algebraic Structures Simpler than a Group
    - On-line Mathematics Dictionary
    - On-line Glossary of Technical Notation


                      ARCHIMEDES PALIMPSEST


  The Archimedes Palimpsest is the oldest living manuscript
  containing the work of Archimedes and is on display at the
  Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland.

  The manuscript itself includes the only copy of the treatise
  Method of Mechanical Theorems, in which Archimedes explained
  how he drew upon mechanical means to elucidate his mathematical
  theorems; and the only source in the original Greek for the
  treatise On Floating Bodies, in which he explored the physics
  of flotation and explained the formal proof for the principle
  of specific gravity.

  Features of the site include:

    - Archimedes
    - Palimpsest
    - History
    - Conservation
    - Comments on the mathematics by R. Netz,
        Professor of Ancient Science, Stanford University
    - The Archimedes Timeline (found at the bottom of each page)


               The New York Times, December 14, 2003

  Excerpted from the New York Times:

  "Twenty-two hundred years ago, the great Greek
  mathematician Archimedes wrote a treatise called the
  Stomachion. Unlike his other writings, it soon fell into
  obscurity. Little of it survived, and no one knew what to
  make of it."

  "But now a historian of mathematics at Stanford, sifting
  through ancient parchment overwritten by monks and nearly
  ruined by mold, appears to have solved the mystery of what
  the treatise was about...."

  "The Stomachion, concludes the historian, Dr. Reviel Netz,
  was far ahead of its time: a treatise on combinatorics, a
  field that did not come into its own until the rise of
  computer science...."

  The full article can be found online here:


                      ARCHIMEDES - Chris Rorres

  This site is a collection of Archimedean miscellanea,
  supplemented by text and graphics.


              ARCHIMEDES' SQUARE - Kadon Enterprises


  Archimedes' Square consists of 14 polygons of varying sizes
  and shapes dissected from a 12x12 square grid. The Palimpsest
  is the document that discusses Archimedes' Square known also
     - Loculus Archimedis
     - Loculus of Archimedes
     - Ostomachion
     - Stomachion
     - Syntemachion

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