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Volume 8, Number 7

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17 February 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 7


        Growth Creature Lab | Math Awareness Month 2003
2001 Report: Math Ed Around the World: Bridging Policy & Practice

               GROWTH CREATURE LAB - Mike Riedy
  Mike Riedy at Prospect High School in Mt. Prospect, Illinois,
  has developed a lab for his students involving the growth of
  creatures. He ties their growth into the Fundamental Theorem
  of Similarity and extends it to logistic growth. The lab
  shows students how to collect data from the growing
  creatures and how that data applies to geometry.

  Sections of the lesson include:
    - Introduction
    - Can You Measure Up?
    - Data Collection
    - Area of Irregular Shapes
    - Problems
    - Data Analysis
    - Fundamental Theorem of Similarity
    - Graphs and Regressions
    - Logistics
    - Problems2

  The lesson can be viewed on the Web linked from the Teacher
  Exchange: Grades 9 - 12:

  If you would like to print the lab to use with your students,
  it's also available as a MS Word file.


                       TEACHER EXCHANGE


  If you have a lesson idea that you would like to contribute
  to the Math Forum @ Drexel, please visit the Teacher Exchange
  area of our site.


               MATH AWARENESS MONTH - April 2003


  This year, "Mathematics and Art" is the theme of
  Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM). Mathematics Awareness
  Month provides the mathematical sciences community with
  opportunities for promoting the importance and versatility
  of mathematics, and its relationship to our daily lives.

  Resources include:
    - Announcement
    - Sample Press Release
    - Theme Poster
    - Essay: Hyperbolic Art and the Poster Pattern
             by Douglas Dunham
    - Essay: Drawing with Awareness
             by Marc Frantz
    - Essay: Fractals Bounding Negative Space
             by Nathaniel Friedman
    - Essay: Mathematical Awareness via Geometric Sculpture
             by George Hart
    - Essay: Mathematics and Art -- So Many Connections
             by Doris Schattschneider
    - Essay: The Conceptual Mechanics of Expression in
             Non-Euclidean Fields, by Clifford Singer
    - Sculpture by Charles Perry
    - Related Resources
    - Linking Icons
    - Planning for MAM 2003

  View archived resources from previous years:




  This report is the product of an international seminar on
  mathematics education held at the IAS/Park City Mathematics
  Institute on 19-23 July, 2001 at Park City, Utah, under the
  auspices of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,
  New Jersey, with support from the Wolfensohn Family 
  Foundation, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, and the
  International Commission on Mathematics Instruction.

  The participants came as teams consisting of one mathematics
  education policy-maker and one practicing secondary
  mathematics teacher from each of eight countries: Brazil,
  Egypt, France, India, Japan, Kenya, Sweden, and the United

  This seminar focused on discussing systems of mathematics
  education from a diverse selection of countries through
  the eyes of practicing teachers and those involved in
  education research or policy. The goals were to
    - make initial personal contact with policy makers and
      teachers from a broad cross-section of countries and
    - briefly examine an initial collection of topics deemed
      to be central to the teaching of mathematics
    - develop a sense of international shared purpose in the
      pursuit of quality mathematics education
    - select one or more topics for future in-depth study


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