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Volume 8, Number 9

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3 March 2003                                     Vol. 8, No. 9


           MultiFlyer - Perkins | Math Stars - Clary
        The Math Life | Pi Day - Math Forum Resources

                   MULTIFLYER - Dan Perkins


  A game for learning or brushing up on multiplication. As the
  pilot of a space ship far in the future, you must save the
  solar system from gravitational anomalies while learning and
  memorizing the multiplication tables. Flash 6 plugin required.



  Clary offers a Windows shareware version ($10) of his Math Stars
  software, previously available only for Macintosh. Students
  can practice the four basic math functions: addition,
  subtraction, multiplication, division. There is also a
  setting to include both positive and negative numbers so
  that students can practice operations with integers.

  Macintosh version:


                       THE MATH LIFE

  The Math Life, a fifty-two minute movie by Wendy Conquest,
  Bob Drake, and Dan Rockmore, shows the general public that
  the inside of the head of a mathematician is not such a
  scary place. There are interviews with Freeman Dyson,
  David Mumford, Ingrid Daubechies, Persi Diaconis,
  Michael Freedman, Fan Chung Graham, Kate Okikiolu,
  Jennifer Tour Chayes, Peter Sarnak, Steven Strogatz, and
  other mathematicians.

  The film is divided into nine sections: Doing the Math, Shape,
  Working, Number, Proof, Uncertainty, The Real World,
  Connections, and The Last Word. It's now available for
  distribution through Films in the Humanities and Sciences,
  and will soon be appearing on a public television station.

  For more information, see Rockmore's page:



  If you are planning some Pi Day celebrations for your
  classroom or school, check these resources on the Math Forum
  site for interesting ideas.

  Ask Dr Math FAQ: About Pi

  Ask Dr. Math Middle School Archive: Pi

  Ask Dr. Math High School Archive: Transcendental Numbers

  Internet Mathematics Library

  Problems Library
    Elementary: Pi

    Middle School: Pi

  T2T FAQ: Pi Day

  Teacher Exchange
    Derivation of Pi - Jon Basden

    Determination of Pi - Alexander Bogomolny

    Pi Day - Carolyn Morehouse


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