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Volume 9, Number 1

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5 January 2004                                   Vol. 9, No. 1


            Self-Instructional Mathematics Tutorials
  Faces of Mathematics | Hands-On Math Activities for Grades 4-6



   These mathematics tutorials provide self-instructional
   material for university students of chemistry, economics,
   political science and/or psychology -- or anyone who wants
   to review:

      - Math Skills 1
         Review of Fractions
     - Math Skills 2
         Review of Decimals, Percents, Ratios and Proportions
     - Math Skills 3
         Review of Tables, Bar Graphs, and Circle Graphs
     - Math Skills 4
         Review of Graphs: Visual Display of Information
     - Math Skills 5
         Review of Graphs: Linear and Nonlinear Relationships
     - Math Skills 6
         Review of Algebra
     - Math Skills for Introductory Economics
         Introduction to Graphs

   The mathematics tutorials have been developed as part of the
   project, "Increasing Students Success: Addressing
   Prerequisite Mathematics Assumptions in Introductory
   Non-mathematics Courses," funded by The Fund for the
   Improvement of Post-secondary Education.


                       FACES OF MATHEMATICS


   "Faces of Mathematics" penetrates the esoteric world of
   University mathematics research and presents the human side
   of this area of modern science. Focusing on twenty
   influential mathematicians alive today, the exhibition
   features large-format black and white portraits, taken by
   the photographer Marc Atkins.

   Alongside each of the portraits, a text-based display panel
   conveys the subject's research interests and personal
   viewpoint on mathematics. A video loop shows the subject in
   conversation about their research and other mathematical

   "Faces of Mathematics" at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh,
   is funded by a "Partnership in Public Understanding Award"
   from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.



   The activities were designed by Wendy Sawatzky for a grade 5
   class, but are adaptable for grades 4 or 6. Teacher notes and
   ready-made task cards are available for each activity.

     - Numbers and Operations
         Division Racing, Egg-O, Hungry Ants, Card Games,
         Fraction-ominos, 97 Prime

     - Geometry
         Pentominos, Newts, 2 Halves = Whole, Making Boxes,
         Quilt Block, Geo-board

     - Problem Solving
         Penny Problems, Toothpick Problems, Bag of Marbles,
         The Koala Bear, Magazine Problem, Video Arcade

     - Data Management and Analysis
         Skittle Graphing, Probability, Hair Graph,
         Magazine Data, Baseball Cards, Lego Graphs

     - Measurement
         Dinner Time, Body Parts, Perimeter and Area,
         Play Dough, Comparing Cylinders, Estimating Length

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