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Volume 9, Number 10

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8 March 2004                                 Vol. 9, No. 10


           How Big? - MarsQuest Online |
                      William's Home Page

                  HOW BIG? - MARSQUEST ONLINE

  Want some perspective on the sizes of things on the Red
  Planet? MarsQuest Online has developed interactive
  JavaScript for positioning familiar objects onto images
  taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.

  Visit the full site:

  Links and Resources




  Submit specific expressions to this site's automatic solver
  powered by webMathematica. Users need to purchase a password
  to find answers to indefinite integrals. First or second
  derivatives, however, are calculated free of charge, along
  with long multiplication and division of polynomials, curve
  sketching, and a selection of stored derivatives and

  Stored topics include:

    - Product Rule
    - Quotient Rule
    - Chain Rule

    - Substitution
    - Integration by Parts
    - Trig Powers
    - Trig Products
    - Multiple Angles
    - Trig Substitutions
    - Trig Rationals
    - Partial Fractions
    - Using Reduction Formulas
    - Special Trig Integrals
    - Deriving Reduction Formulas

  Read the FAQ for additional information:

  The site is also available in French, Spanish, and German.


                     WILLIAM'S HOME PAGE


  A collection of activities that use simple materials to help
  students explore mathematical concepts.

  Topics include:

    - Shapes and Patterns Made from Paper Circles
    - Geometrical Activities with Magic Paper
    - Window Patterns from Geometrical Shapes
    - Where There Are No Instruments
    - Geometrical Activities with a Piece of String
    - A Simple Number Generating Device
    - Multicultural Mathematics
    - Beadwork Mathematics
    - Match Mathematics
    - Simple Calculator Activities
    - Activities with Squared Paper

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