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Volume 9, Number 15

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12 April 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 15


    Visit Booth 931 - NCTM Exhibit Hall | Thirteen Ed Online
           Howe-Two Software - Online Software Samples

               VISIT BOOTH 931 - NCTM EXHIBIT HALL

  If you're coming to the NCTM Annual Meeting in Philadelphia,
  visit the Math Forum @ Drexel and Drexel University in the
  exhibit hall at booth 931. Enter our drawing to win an iPod,
  and solve a Problem of the Day for a chance to win a t-shirt!

  Learn more about:

    - Problem Library Memberships and Mentoring Programs
    - Math Tools
    - Ask Dr. Math
    - Drexel e-Learning's online courses for teachers and
    - Online mentoring opportunities for teacher education
    - Drexel Admissions and the departments of Engineering and

  Take Dr. Math with you! Purchase your copy of:
    - Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra
    - Dr. Math Explains Algebra

  Check out NCTM sessions by Forum staff and partners:




  WNET New York, a PBS station, developed Thirteen Ed Online
  to provide lesson plans coordinated with their public
  broadcasts. Mathematics lesson plans include:

  Grades 3-5
    - Cyber Chow Combos
    - Cyber Currency, Currently
    - Math for the Frontier
    - Patterns to the Rescue

  Grades 5-8
    - Exploring the Smithsonian
    - Living on Your Own - Let's Calculate the Cost!
    - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
    - Understanding Pi

  Grades 7-12
    - Growing, Growing, Graphing
    - How Big? How Small?
    - Proof of the Century!
    - A Statistical Look at Jewish History
    - Tracing Math's Evolution

  Grades 9-12
    - Fabulous Funnels
    - Filling Empty Pockets
    - Virtual Polyhedra and the Real World
    - Women in Math




  Leslie Howe, a Farragut High School teacher in Knoxville,
  Tennessee, writes math software to help her confirm her
  students' knowledge and level of understanding of
  mathematical concepts.

  She offers these Java-based samples:

    - The ArithmAttack
    - Cartouche Maker
    - Chaos Game
    - Drawing with Symmetry
    - Drawing with Rotational Symmetry
    - The Game of Life
    - Online Grapher
    - A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned
    - Simultaneous Equations
    - Altitude, Angle Bisector and Median
    - Transformational Geometry

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