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Volume 9, Number 2

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12 January 2004                                 Vol. 9, No. 2


     2004 Mathematics Game | 40th Mersenne Prime Discovered
                        The Atoms Family

             2004 MATHEMATICS GAME - Judy Ann Brown


  Write expressions for each of the counting numbers 1 through
  100, using the digits in the year 2004, standard operations,
  and grouping symbols. This puzzle is appropriate for students
  in grades 3-12 with a general knowledge of mathematics.

  Students may use the Web form to submit solutions starting
  January 9, 2004; revisit the site after February 1, 2004,
  to see the first solutions.

  Pages available for printing:


  Rules of the Game

  Manipulative Worksheet



  Chris Caldwell reports,

  "Michael Shafer, a 26 year-old volunteer in the
  research project called the Great Internet Mersenne Prime
  Search (GIMPS), has discovered the largest known prime
  number. Shafer used a Michigan State University lab PC and
  free software by George Woltman and Scott Kurowski as part of
  an international grid of 211,000 networked computers in
  virtually every time zone of the world."

  For more information on prime numbers visit Caldwell's site:

                         THE PRIME PAGES


    - The Largest Known Primes
    - Prime Links
    - Lists of Primes
    - Finding Primes, Proving Primality
    - The Largest Known Prime by Year: A Brief History


                        THE ATOMS FAMILY


  "The Atoms Family" is an online exhibit by the Miami Museum
  of Science and Science Learning Network. It contains
  educational activities for middle and high school students
  relating to different forms of energy, as presented by famous
  gothic horror characters.

  Activities include:

    The Mummy's Tomb - Learn about energy conservation,
    kinetic, and potential energy

    Dracula's Library - Learn about the properties of light,
    waves, and particles

    Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratory - Learn about different
    forms of electricity and electrical safety

    The Phantom's Portrait Parlor - Learn about the principles
    of atoms and matter

    The Wolf Man's Ghostly Graveyard - Learn about fuel
    conservation and energy transfer

  A Japanese language version is available:


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