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Volume 9, Number 21

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24 May 2004                                    Vol. 9, No. 21


        Math Tools Technology PoW (tPoW) | Moneyopolis
                      Olympic Web Quest

                MATH TOOLS TECHNOLOGY POW (tPoW)


  The newest area of the Math Forum site, Math Tools, has
  just unveiled its most recent feature, the Technology PoW.
  The tPoWs are modeled on the Math Forum's Problems of the
  Week, with the additional feature that these problems take
  advantage of online, interactive mathematics tools.

  Although we are not mentoring submissions to the tPoWs, we
  do invite students to follow to follow the link to "Submit your
  answer" to share their solutions, and then "self-mentor"
  using specially designed hints, checks, and suggestions for
  extensions. If your students use these features, we would
  be very interested in receiving feedback from you. Please
  use the "Discuss this item" links.

  With more on the way soon, our current tPoWs include:

    How Many Cubes?

    Galactic Exchange

  To access the Technology PoW link from within the Math
  Tools area, look at the right sidebar, under RESOURCES,
  and select "Technology tPoWs" from:





  Moneyopolis, a free, educational Web site for children in
  grades six through eight, was created by Ernst & Young LLP.
  The game uses a virtual city that students must travel
  through in order to win. As they progress, they can learn
  financial planning concepts, practice managing money, and
  work toward defined goals.

  The site includes these areas:

    - Play Now!
    - How to Play
    - Library
    - Budget Gadget
    - Calculator
    - Glossary
    - Parent Place
    - Teacher Town


                      OLYMPIC WEB QUEST

  Sherri Verbeke created the Olympic Web Quest to integrate
  math applications into an Olympics study. Students determine
  the equation of a line given points they determine from their
  research. Students can print the Research Reporting Form to
  complete the assignment.

  View other MathQuests developed at the Berks County
  Intermediate Unit:


                  ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES


  This is the official Web site of the Athens 2004 Olympic and
  Paralympic Games. From the left margin, select the
  "Key Dates" link and then select, again from the left margin,
  the "Interesting Facts" to view.

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