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Volume 9, Number 25

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21 June 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 25


   New Student Tessellations | Arizona Mathematical Software
                     2004 Bridges Conference

                     MEMORIAL MIDDLE SCHOOL
                       TOTOWA, NEW JERSEY

  Memorial Middle School's Math 7 Class of 2004 completed a
  tessellation project using the Math Forum's Tessellation
  Tutorial instructions. All seventh graders in Ms. Vargas's
  classes were taken to the computer room once a week for a
  total of five weeks to create a tessellation in the shape of
  an animal, an object, or a person.

  Once their tessellations were completed, students wrote a
  poem about their tessellation in Ms. Loeffler's class. The
  best work was selected for display on the website. Students
  drew inspiration from a trip to the Bronx Zoo organized by
  Ms. Jacobs, dissections in in life science class with
  Ms. Emerick, and Earth Day studies with Ms. Sposato.



  A series of tutorials that teaches students how to tessellate
  (somewhat in the style of the art of M.C. Escher).



  This is a collection of approximately 60 educational programs
  that are designed for use by instructors and students in
  classroom, laboratory, and home environments.

  Software falls into four categories:

    - Are You Ready?
        The purpose of this series is to make available to
        students computer programs which review those
        materials from prerequisite courses that are
        essential for success in the present course.
    - Slide Shows
        A collection of screen images, primarily graphical,
        which anyone can view.
    - Teacher Aids
        These were written primarily as aids for middle and
        high school teachers, although many are of interest
        at the college level. They are subdivided into three
        groups of programs, namely, Interactive Demos, Logical
        Games and Puzzles, and Simulations.
    - Toolkits
        These interactive exploratory tools are aids for
        instructors and students, both in and out of the
        classroom. All have drop-down menus and are
        self-documenting, with on-line, context sensitive
        help. They are of use from Beginning Algebra to
        Fourier Series.

  The software runs on MS-DOS based computers with 640k of
  memory and CGA or better graphics hardware. Macintosh
  versions of the "Are You Ready for Calculus?" software are
  also available.


                    2004 BRIDGES CONFERENCE


  The Seventh Annual International Conference of Bridges:
  Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science will be
  held July 30 - August 1, 2004, at Southwestern College in
  Winfield, Kansas.

  There is a registration fee of $50.00 for each day or $130.00
  for the entire conference plus $30.00 for each copy of the
  Bridges Proceedings.

  For information about location, accommodations, registration,
  and paper guidelines, visit the web site.

    - Bridges in Pictures
        shows previous conference exhibits and participants

    - Virtual Museum
        provides a sampling of the visual arts produced by past
        and future participants of the Bridges Conference

    - Resource Center
        offers a selection of participants' educational web
        sites on fractal tilings, origami, sliceforms, and more

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