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Volume 9, Number 27

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5 July 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 27


                     FlingIt | Jefferson Lab
 Paso Partners - Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language



  Want to use PalmOS handheld technology in the classroom?
  FlingIt, a free application from, instantaneously
  "flings" Web pages from a desktop computer to a handheld

  Users can decide whether or not to include graphics and
  determine the link depth of the captured Web pages. FlingIt
  sites can be beamed from one handheld computer to another
  for the sharing of Web-based resources.

  Do you use the Math Forum's Problems of the Week? Use
  FlingIt to download a PoW to your handheld and then beam it
  to your students' handhelds. Students can work on their
  problem solving in class and then computer lab time can be
  used to submit solutions.

  For more ideas on how to use handhelds in the classroom,
  consider purchasing this new book offered through the ISTE
  (International Society for Technology in Education)

  Palm OS Handhelds in the Elementary Classroom:
    Curriculum and Strategies
  by Michael Curtis, Janine Kopera, Cathleen Norris,
    and Elliot Soloway


                         JEFFERSON LAB


  As a center for both basic and applied research, the Thomas
  Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) also
  reaches out to help educate the next generation in science
  and technology.

  The JavaScript math games and puzzles include:

    - SpeedMath Addition and Subtraction
    - SpeedMath Multiplication and Division
    - SpeedMath Deluxe
    - SpeedMath Inequalities
    - Mystery Math
    - The Nim Number Game
    - Place Value Game
    - Looking for the Top Quark

  Teacher resources are categorized under:

    - Reference Materials
    - Hands-on Activities
    - Worksheets, Puzzles, and Games
    - On-line Games and Puzzles
    - Odds-n-Ends

  Jefferson Lab is funded by the Office of Science for the
  United States Department of Energy with strong support from
  the City of Newport News, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and
  the United States Congress.



  This two-volume curriculum and resources guide is designed
  to help elementary school teachers organize their classrooms
  and instructional activities in order to increase achievement
  of Hispanic primary-grade children whose first language is not
  English. The guide offers a

    - curriculum plan
    - instructional strategies and activities
    - suggested teacher and student materials
    - assessment procedures
    - background information for the teacher
    - a Spanish version of the formal introductory portion of
        the lesson cycle

  All of the resources are available in PDF format but these
  three units can also be viewed on the Web in both English and

    - Five Senses - Los Cinco Sentidos
    - Spiders - Las Aranas
    - Dinosaurs - Los Dinosauros

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