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Volume 9, Number 28

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12 July 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 28


                       FIRST LEGO League
    2004-2005 Siemens Westinghouse Competition | The Euro

                       FIRST LEGO LEAGUE


  The FIRST LEGO League provides children aged 9 through 14
  opportunities for hands-on experimentation in a real-world

  With the help of LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Invention System
  technology, young participants can build a robot and compete
  in a friendly, FIRST-style robotics event specially designed
  for their age group. Using LEGO bricks and other elements
  such as sensors, motors, and gears, teams gain hands-on
  experience in engineering and computer programming principles
  as they construct and program their unique robot inventions.

  Up to ten students may participate on a team, which must have
  at least one coach. Registration is open from May through
  September. The LEGO League Challenge will start in September
  once registration closes.

  Information and resources include:

    - Get Involved
    - Team Registration
    - Coach Resources
    - The Challenge
    - Events
    - About

  View information about other FIRST (For Inspiration and
  Recognition of Science and Technology) programs:





  A signature program of the New Jersey-based Siemens
  Foundation, the Siemens Westinghouse Competition is a
  research-based science and math competition for high school
  students. The competition awards college scholarships
  ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Students may enter as
  individuals or as members of a team.

  More than 1,200 students registered for the 2003-04
  competition and more than 70 students won scholarships.
  Online registration for this year's competition began
  June 30, 2004. Students who are not able to complete the
  application process online may call 1-800-626-9795 ext. 5930
  from 9am to 5pm EDT.

  The deadline for entries is Friday, October 1, 2004.


                          THE EURO


  On January 1, 2002, Euro banknotes and coins were put into
  circulation. This site, by the European Central Bank,
  has sections for:

    - Euro banknotes and coins
    - Getting ready for the euro
    - Information for organizations
    - Children's zone
    - Background to the euro
    - News and events

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