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Volume 9, Number 29

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19 July 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 29


                 Staff Openings at the Math Forum
            Math and Technology Tool Fest | Math Tools
        History Topics: Chinese Mathematics | GEO Gateway


   Looking for a new way to express your interests in math,
   education and technology? The Math Forum is hiring to fill
   two positions:

   Associate Director

   Project Manager



   Math Tools is holding a Math and Technology Tool Fest this
   summer with the purpose of getting together a group of folks
   to create classroom activities, software-related resources,
   and services for themselves and others.

   We have in mind gathering a group of stakeholders in
   mathematics, education, and technology who enjoy
   collaborating across different school levels and technology

   This group will explore mathematics with software tools, then
   produce materials and projects for themselves and others,
   shared on the Math Tools site.

   The Tool Fest will take place in Philadelphia, August 2-6.
   We have selected our onsite participants, but we're still
   looking for people interested in joining us online. If you
   are interested, please complete the following questionnaire:


                            MATH TOOLS


   We've recently rolled out a new version of Math Tools, an
   NSF-supported digital library of technology tools and
   support materials to help you use them in your teaching and
   learning of mathematics. We hope you enjoy the many new
   features now available:

   BROWSE: The old right sidebar has been replaced by a
   selection of pull-down menus at the top of each page.
   Select from a list of courses, resource types, and
   technology types before clicking the "Go" button. From the
   resulting list, mouse over an item to expand and highlight
   it in yellow. Click on the resource's name to immediately go
   use it, or follow the "More: ..." link to see the resource's
   catalog page with description, associated resources, etc.

   RATINGS: As a registered user, you are able to rate any
   resource just by clicking on one or more of the stars on its
   catalog page. Once you click on the link "Submit Rating,"
   feel free to write a short comment. If you change your
   opinion, revise the stars selected and click "Change Rating."

   REVIEWS: As a registered user, you can write a review--a more
   detailed assessment than a ratings comment--based on your
   experiences with the item.

   MATH TOPICS: Previously named "Site Map," the link
   "Math Topics" in the left sidebar leads to a list of all
   Math Tools courses. Click a course to display its subtopics.

   SUBSCRIBE/SAVE: Every page has two new links after you log
   in: "Subscribe" and "Save This." Click "Subscribe" to
   receive email whenever that resource or page is updated.
   Click "Save This" to add the resource to a list on your
   My MathTools page.

   MY MATHTOOLS PROFILE: Manage your profile--as well as your
   new subscriptions, saved items, contributions such as your
   reviews and discussion posts, and other users' feedback about

   Tour using the Getting Started section:

   Join our Math Tools Community! Registration is free:


  A recently added feature to The MacTutor History of
  Mathematics Archive is Chinese Mathematics. It includes an
  alphabetical list of Chinese mathematicians, as well as links
  to these features:

    - An Overview of Chinese Mathematics
    - Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art
    - The Ten Mathematical Classics
    - Chinese Numerals
    - Chinese Problems

  Also view the full archive:



                          GEO GATEWAY


  GEO Gateway is a National Workforce Development Education &
  Training Initiative project at John C. Stennis Space Center.
  It serves as a portal to learn more about Geographical
  Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, and remote

  Areas to visit include:

    - Just the Facts
    - I Teach This Stuff
    - I Want to Know More
    - I Do This For a Living

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