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Volume 9, Number 3

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19 January 2004                                 Vol. 9, No. 3

  Explore Your Knowledge | PolyMath Love Software (Macintosh)
    Educational Math Software | Phyllotaxis - Smith College

                     EXPLORE YOUR KNOWLEDGE


  Compare your mathematics and science knowledge with that of
  4th or 8th grade students from countries around the world
  using Explore Your Knowledge, a feature of the National
  Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Students' Classroom

  Select one of the two subjects, then either 4th grade or
  8th grade, and the number of questions asked. The questions
  are from The Third International Mathematics and Science
  Study (TIMSS) conducted in 1999, which collected data in
  38 countries to provide information about mathematics and
  science achievement of U.S. students compared to those in
  other nations.

  From the Explore Your Knowledge home page, click on the
  graphic of the frog for a fun data-gathering activity.

  Also visit the NCES site:


  Other features include:
    - What Are Your Chances?
    - Games and Activities
    - Math Teaser
    - Create a Graph
    - Fun Facts
    - Mathematicians Are People Too
    - Glossary
    - Crunch, an online 'zine


                    POLYMATH LOVE SOFTWARE
        Macintosh Programs for Middle School Mathematics


  Macintosh software programs for middle school mathematics
  written by Gary Smith. Smith offers over 30 free downloads,

    - Order of Operations
    - Rabbitz, based on "Minefield Sweeping"
    - Four Variables
    - Homework Builder, for making homework and
        independent-study worksheets
    - Water Tank Functions
    - Fraction Squares
    - Integer Tiles
    - Morning Store, a simulation for practicing buying and
        selling skills
    - Ten Twenty Thirty
      ... and others

   For users who like the free sample programs, Smith offers
   a CD ROM containing over 300 programs for $40.



    Browse other sites on the Web that offer educational
    math software.




  Phyllotaxis, hosted by the Mathematics Department at Smith
  College, is an interactive site for the mathematical study
  of plant pattern formation.

  Sections of the site include:

    - Introduction to Phyllotaxis
        Classification, Fibonacci/Golden Angle, Microscope,
        Mathematical Model, and Lattices
    - History
    - Glossary
    - References
    - Gallery
        Photos and Movies
    - Course Material
        A task-based tutorial introducing students to the
        mathematics of phyllotaxis
    - Research
        Publications, Thesis, and Talks
    - Applets

  See also the Plant Spirals Exhibit:

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