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Volume 9, Number 30

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26 July 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 30


      REL Network | Pascal's Triangle From Top to Bottom

                         REL NETWORK


  The network of 10 Regional Educational Laboratories, serving
  geographic regions that span the nation, works to ensure
  that those involved in educational improvement at the local,
  state, and regional levels have access to the best available
  information from research and practice. Each Laboratory's
  work is shaped by the concerns, issues, opportunities, and
  special attributes of its region. The Laboratories

    - Conduct development and applied research resulting in
      models for implementing systemic reform and for
      achieving improvement on a broad scale

    - Provide information, training, and technical assistance
      to help states, schools, and communities to implement
      comprehensive school improvement strategies

    - Promote widespread access to information regarding
      research and best practice

    - Create communities of learners who collaborate with the
      Laboratory in development and dissemination

    - Cooperate with other agencies and programs to deliver
      services that support efforts of educators and
      policy makers to improve education

    - Forge strong links to the research community to promote
      the creation of new knowledge to improve education

  The REL Network's site organizes information from the
  Laboratories into these sections:

    - Lab Stories Archive
    - Products and Publications
    - Search Products Database
    - National Leadership Areas
    - Contact Your Lab
    - Request Information




  Matthew Hubbard and Tom Roby at Cal State University, Hayward,
  provide a comprehensive resource for the study of Pascal's
  Triangle. Their mission states:

  "There are many websites that deal with different aspects of
  Pascal's Triangle; our intention is to be as thorough as
  possible. We want the site to be useful to everyone from high
  school students and their teachers to graduate students and
  working mathematicians. Proofs and application pages will be
  given degrees of difficulty and if special knowledge is needed
  (or useful) to understand the math involved, it will be listed
  at the top."

  Areas of the site include:

    - Terms, Symbols, and FAQ
    - History
    - Applications and Applets
    - Identities and Proofs
    - Modern Algorithms
    - Reliable Resources
    - Other Websites
    - Stuff for High School Teachers
    - Recent Research



  A Web unit designed to support workshops given by the Math
  Forum for the Urban Systemic Initiative (Philadelphia and
  San Diego). Read about the history of Pascal's triangle and
  learn to construct it; view illustrations of number patterns
  to be discovered; carry out interactive investigations in
  JavaScript or the Geometer's Sketchpad, and explore this
  famous triangle through lesson plans that feature questions,
  answers, discussion, and student worksheets.



     provides public access and a unified search of
  the government's vast stores of scientific and technical
  information. It is an interagency initiative of 17 U.S.
  government science organizations within 12 Federal agencies.
  These agencies form the voluntary Alliance.
  Visitors to the site can search across Alliance agency
  resources via one query.

  Each agency selects its best science information for Two major types of information are included:

   - selected authoritative science Web sites
   - often hard-to-access scientific databases

  This gateway to government science information allows
  searches across 30 databases and more than 1,700 science Web
  sites. currently accesses over 47 million pages
  of government science information.

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