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Volume 9, Number 34

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23 August 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 34


         emGames | Golden Mean Day | The Golden Ratio
                       Woodlands Maths Zone



  Twelve Flash games, with voice-over narration, to accompany
  the Everyday Mathematics curriculum. Play against the
  computer in games of chance to practice arithmetic and other
  basic math skills. The winner of the game is usually
  determined by sheer chance, but students must do the
  arithmetic correctly to complete a turn, or try again.

    - Angle Race
    - Baseball Multiplication
    - Basketball Addition
    - Beat the Computer
    - Dime-Nickel-Penny Grab
    - Exchange Games
    - Factor Bingo
    - Multiplication Bingo
    - Number-Grid Game
    - Penny-Cup
    - Tens-and-Ones Trading Games
    - Top-It


                        GOLDEN MEAN DAY,1819,152,00.shtm

  August 13th was 61.8 percent of the way through the year --
  "a fitting day to proclaim Golden Mean Day," according to the
  ENC Classroom Calendar. Although that date has passed, your
  classroom may celebrate during the school year by figuring
  out, as ENC suggests, what 61.8 percent of the school year
  would be, or 61.8 percent of a specific month.


                       THE GOLDEN RATIO

  An illustrated explanation of the Golden Ratio, the Golden
  Rectangle, and the Fibonacci sequence.


                      WOODLANDS MATHS ZONE

  Woodlands Junior School created these pages aimed at 7-11 year
  olds. Resources are organized under the following topics:

    - Number Skills
    - Shape & Space Skills
    - Mental Maths
    - Preparing for Sats
    - Educational Games
    - Times Tables
    - Measures
    - Worksheets
    - Understanding Maths
    - Revision Zone

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