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Volume 9, Number 35

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30 August 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 35


   Math Forum Problems of the Week (PoWs) | Teacher Membership
                    Active Problem Library



  Our new year of PoWs began on Monday, August 23, 2004, with
  new problems in Math Fundamentals and Algebra. The
  Pre-Algebra and Geometry PoWs start on Monday, August 30.

  Our goal is to engage students in non-routine, open-ended
  mathematics investigations based on the NCTM Standards in
  math topics, while encouraging clear mathematical

  As we did last school year, we are offering four free
  bi-weekly problems, with answer checks so that students and
  teachers can see if they are on the right track:

    - Math Fundamentals

    - Pre-Algebra

    - Algebra

    - Geometry

  Students can ask for free mentoring, which is often available
  from volunteers and, less frequently, mentor groups (usually
  pre-service teachers). Students can also subscribe for
  Priority Mentoring, and receive prompt and thorough feedback
  on their work. When a PoW closes, students will be able
  to view its full solution for two weeks.

                      TEACHER MEMBERSHIP

  A $20 Teacher Membership supports the overall Math Forum
  website, and gives you:

    - unrestricted access to the Active Problem Library
    - an account to monitor student submissions
        (including the Active Problem Library)
    - access to organized online materials and activities

  Organized materials for the new PoWs include Teacher Support
  pages, available every other Thursday with a problem when it
  comes up for preview. Each Teacher Support page outlines the
  concepts involved in a PoW and provides connections to
  Standards and related problems.

  Many of the problems in the Active Problem Library also have
  Teacher Support pages, an example of which you may sample
  here without membership:

  For a list of all problems that have accompanying Teacher
  Support pages, please visit the following link. (Viewing the
  actual pages themselves requires a membership.)

  Read about all levels of Math Forum Membership Services here:


                    ACTIVE PROBLEM LIBRARY


  Students may choose from over 800 creative, non-routine
  challenges in the Math Forum's Active Problem Library, and
  submit solutions for them at any time.

  Encompassing all past and active services, the Active
  Problem Library organizes the Problems of the Week for
  browsing by mathematics topic and story topic. In addition,
  it rates problems for difficulty level and provides for
  searching by keyword.

  The public has free access to browse the library. For
  unrestricted access and submission to the Active Problem
  Library, subscribe to Membership Services, available for:

     - Student
     - Teacher
     - Class
     - School
     - Parent

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