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Volume 9, Number 36

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6 September 2004                               Vol. 9, No. 36


            Claire Mead | Uncle Bob's Puzzle Corner
    Murderous Maths | Applets with Mathematics in Context


  Claire Mead, a native of Bristol, PA, has lived in rural
  New Hampshire since beginning her teaching career in 1972.
  After teaching grades 2, 3 and 4 for eight years and
  remedial reading for six, she became the K-6 Enrichment
  Teacher in Bradford, VT, in 1986 and added Technology
  Coordinator responsibilities in 1988.

  Claire states, "My mission has always been to help children
  learn to think and become independent learners. I believe
  that mathematics and technology are powerful and exciting
  vehicles for achieving that end. Where better to work than
  The Math Forum @ Drexel?"

  She will be responsible for the Math Fundamentals Problem
  of the Week and related professional development programs
  for teachers.

  Her husband Bob teaches math at Plymouth State University.
  Together they enjoy classical music (listening and singing),
  gardening, canoeing, and tennis. Their latest collaboration
  involves publishing an online monthly for puzzle fanatics.

                  UNCLE BOB'S PUZZLE CORNER



                       MURDEROUS MATHS


  Kjartan Poskitt presents descriptions of characters, updates,
  and "extra bits" for the books

    - Murderous Maths
    - The Essential Arithmetricks
    - Desperate Measures
    - Do You Feel Lucky?
    - Vicious Circles and other Savage Shapes
    - The Phantom X
    - The Fiendish Angletron
    - The GCSE Book
    - Professor Fiendish's Diabolical Brainbenders

  Features on the site include a finger times table, Penrose
  chickens (a tessellation), Fibonacci and nature, GCSE slips
  and tips, and a formula for calculating the number of ways
  that you can tear four stamps from a sheet so that they are
  all attached to each other. Also, tricks, games, articles,
  and calculators, and activities such as how to make
  flexagons, magic squares, and the self-assembling cube.



  The Freudenthal Institute, a Dutch organization for
  secondary education, provides applets to support or extend
  the math instruction of the curriculum Mathematics in Context,
  including the following activities:

    - Ratio Table
    - Fraction Times
    - Jump, Jump Game
    - Make Five
    - Tic Tac Go
    - Algebra Arrows
    - Solving Equations with Balance Strategies
    - Number Strips
    - Number Strips with Fractions
    - Number Strips with Labels
    - Spotting Numbers
    - Shooting Balls
    - True-makers
    - Geometric Algebra 2D Problems 1
    - Geometric Algebra 2D Problems 2

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