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Volume 9, Number 37

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13 September 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 37


       Dr. Math Introduces Geometry | Dr. Math Book Reviews
               Irene Etkowicz Eizen Grant - MET

                   by the Math Forum @ Drexel
                       John Wiley & Sons

  For almost a decade, kids have been writing to Dr. Math at
  the Math Forum Web site with questions about their math
  problems. And the math doctors at The Math Forum @ Drexel
  have been replying with clear explanations and helpful
  hints. "Dr. Math Introduces Geometry" is the third book in
  our series.

  The book includes dozens of letters from kids who've had
  trouble understanding the basic math concepts used in
  geometry, along with answers from trained volunteers drawn
  from a pool of college students, mathematicians, teachers,
  and professionals from the mathematical community. Topics
  covered include introduction to 2-D geometric figures, area
  and perimeter of 2-D geometric figures, circles,
  introduction to 3-D geometric figures, symmetry, and much

  For more information and a link to purchase the book from, please visit:

  We hope the books will find a place in classroom, library,
  and home collections. We invite you to display a link from
  your school's website to our book information page. Please
  follow the instructions given on this page:


                    DR. MATH BOOK REVIEWS

  Read This! The MAA Online Book Review Column
  Hema Gopalakrishnan, assistant professor of mathematics at
  Sacred Heart University, wrote a review of our first book
  in the Dr. Math series, "Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra."

  Janie P. Bower, of Hattiesburg High School Freshman Academy
  (Hattiesburg, MS), wrote a review of "Dr. Math Gets You Ready
  for Algebra" on page 520 of the May, 2004, issue of the NCTM
  journal Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.

  David Ebert, of Oregon High School (Oregon, WI), wrote a
  review of "Dr. Math Explains Algebra" published on page 142
  of the September, 2004, issue of the NCTM journal Mathematics

  We invite you to post a review on the site:

  Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra

  Dr. Math Explains Algebra

  Dr. Math Introduces Geometry




  The Irene Etkowicz Eizen Grant for Emerging Leaders in
  Elementary School Mathematics, with a maximum award of $6000,
  will be given to a classroom teacher working collaboratively
  with other K-5 teachers to improve mathematics instruction in
  a school or district.

  Applications must be postmarked by December 3, 2004. For
  additional information on grants and scholarships, view:

    - Mathematics Education Trust

    - Tips for Writing Successful Proposals

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