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Volume 9, Number 38

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20 September 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 38


  The Noon Day Measurement Collaborative Project | Class2Class
         The Maths File Game Show | Metric Mania Lessons



  Over 2,000 years ago, Eratosthenes made a remarkably
  accurate measurement of the earth's circumference. This
  project is a recreation of that experiment and invites the
  collaboration of students living at different latitudes to
  take measurements of shadows, share data, use a spreadsheet
  (optional) to make comparisons, and then share their results.

    - Grade Level: Grades 5-12
    - Time Frame: September 7 - October 8, 2004
    - Target Measurement Week: September 20 - 27, 2004

  The Noon Day Project is sponsored by the Center for Improved
  Engineering & Science Education (CIESE). They also sponsor
  and design interdisciplinary projects that teachers
  throughout the world use to enhance their curricula through
  compelling use of the Internet.




  Do you have a project like the "Noon Day Measurement
  Collaborative Project"? Want to go beyond the walls of the
  classroom for participation in your data-collecting
  experiment, peer tutoring opportunity, or keypal exchange?

  We invite you to share your projects by submitting them to
  Class2Class, a clearinghouse designed to facilitate student
  and class participation over the Internet.



                  THE MATHS FILE GAME SHOW

  Each game from the BBC Education's Maths File Game Show
  explores areas of the British National Curriculum. Use them
  in the classroom, to introduce a new topic; or after school,
  for individual practice.

  Topics include:

    - Number
    - Algebra
    - Shape, Space & Measure
    - Data Handling

  Visit other areas of the site:

    - Print Offs
        print-ready puzzles
    - Teachers
        curriculum alignment of the puzzles
        answers to print offs
    - Help
        link to download the free Shockwave plug-in
        general information to help navigate the site


                      METRIC MANIA LESSONS

  Tracy Trimpe's metric unit includes labs on length, mass,
  volume, density, and temperature, as well as conversions
  (metric to metric and metric to English). The labs give
  students many opportunities to work with rulers, triple-beam
  balances, and other science equipment as they learn the metric
  system of measurements.

  Student worksheets are provided in PDF format under these

    - General Lessons
    - Mass Mania
    - Mystery Canisters
    - Conversion Practice
    - Metric System Lesson Plan Links & Online Resources

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