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Volume 9, Number 39

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27 September 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 39


        The New MathDL | Problem Bank | Math Challenge

                        THE NEW MATHDL


  The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) has recently
  unveiled the new site for the Mathematical Sciences Digital
  Library (MathDL). It features a fresh look that includes:

    - JOMA, the Journal of Online Mathematics and its
    - DCR, Digital Classroom Resources
    - Convergence, an online magazine devoted to the use of
        the history of mathematics in teaching mathematics

  The next component of MathDL to come online soon will be
  Open Source Mathlets (OSLETS). OSLETS will feature
  interactive online materials that are scientifically and
  pedagogically sound and that can be easily reused/repurposed
  using JavaScript and HTML forms. In addition, many of these
  materials produce output ready to copy and paste into a
  spreadsheet or computer algebra system. The prototype OSLETS,
  called Lite Applets, were designed by a group headed by Frank
  Wattenberg and funded by a supplement to the MathDL grant.

  MathDL, one of the first collections in the National Science
  Digital Library (NSDL), has been developed with the support
  of a grant from the National Science Foundation. The Math
  Forum @ Drexel carried out the initial software development
  and had hosted the site until now. The current site is hosted
  and maintained by the MAA.


                        PROBLEM BANK


  Simon Dakeyne hosts a central base of math problems created
  by teachers. He welcomes submissions of more problems.
  Read the problems on the Web; download them and their
  solutions as MS Word documents.

  If you prefer to browse the problems rather than use a
  searchable database structure, view Dakeyne's original site:

                   1000 PROBLEMS TO ENJOY


  The problems are presented under the categories:

    - Number
    - Algebra
    - Shape and Space
    - Statistics




  The "kids" area of The White House site includes a Math
  Challenge that started August 30, 2004. A new challenge is
  posted each Monday for students in:

    - Elementary School
    - Middle School
    - High School

  Also available are links to:

    - Open Challenge
    - Past Problems Archive

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