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Volume 9, Number 40

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11 October 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 41


                Terrel Trotter, Jr. (1941 - 2004)
           Cynthia Lanius Joins the Math Forum Staff

         IN MEMORIAM, TERREL TROTTER, Jr. (1941 - 2004)

  Our friend Terry passed away September 18. A member of the
  Problem of the Week staff since 1999, Terry created many
  Algebra Problem of the Week puzzles, and mentored thousands
  of students who participated in that and our other PoW
  services. We remember him for his passionate teaching and
  exploration of algebra and number theory.

                    MY STORY, MI HISTORIA


  Read an episodic account of Terry's life, in his own words.


                   THE WORLD OF TROTTER MATH


  The site includes a variety of math lessons, activities, and
  investigations from Terry's teaching experience. He organized
  them under the following topics:

    - Activities with Simple Operations
    - Number Theory & Primes
    - Math with Calculators
    - Activities Involving Recursive Operations
    - Problem Solving
    - Solve Trotter's Own Problems (STOP) Math
    - Digital Expressions
    - Pythagorean Theorem
    - Games in Elementary Math
    - Number Trivia
    - Basic Algebra
    - Humor or Items of Lighthearted Math


                     ALL THE KING'S DIGITS


  Challenge: Using each of the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
  and 9 once and only once, and the operations of +, -, x, ,
  sqrt (square root), cbrt (cube root), ^ (raise to a power),
  and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, write
  expressions for the counting number 100.



  After 12 years teaching high school mathematics, five years
  leading Rice University's Center for Excellence and Equity
  in Education as its Executive Director, and most recently
  serving as Technology Integration Specialist for the Sinton
  (Texas) Independent School District, Cynthia Lanius will
  join the Math Forum staff as Associate Director.

  Cynthia has worked with the Math Forum on several projects
  over the years. "I am a long-time admirer of the Math Forum
  and its fabulous staff," she says, "and am so excited to
  become a part of its future. I hope that I can support
  others the way that the Math Forum has supported me."

  Cynthia has published a web site since 1996 that features an
  extensive collection of her math lessons. About her site, she
  says, "When I first started publishing mathematics on the web,
  I fell in love with the medium. I had a vision that students
  would be playing on the computer and come across this math,
  and think, 'This is pretty cool.' I also wanted the site to
  be a resource for teachers, but I knew for teachers to use
  it, I had to tie it directly to the curriculum. Plus,
  I worked with university mathematics professors -- I knew the
  mathematics had to be precisely correct. I felt I had been
  successful when I heard from third graders and mathematics
  faculty alike saying they liked the site."

  In her position at Rice University, Cynthia helped to build
  the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) into
  a national organization. CEEE's mission is to promote greater
  participation of underrepresented groups in the sciences and
  to encourage academic excellence for all. Cynthia will bring
  this experience to her position here at the Math Forum.

  Cynthia and her husband, David, reside in the coastal bend of
  Texas. They enjoy travel, especially to visit their children
  and grandchildren in Indiana and Texas.



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