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Volume 9, Number 43

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25 October 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 43


          Parents: How to Help When You Don't Know How
                 Innovate | Puzzles on Wheels


  This week's ENC Focus issue provides references and
  resources that can help parents help their children toward
  learning success.

  "Every parent knows what it's like to be in a classroom -- a
  decade or more ago. So much has changed since even the
  youngest parents were in school, from teaching methods to
  textbooks to expectations for parent participation."

  Sections of the issue include:

    - That's Not the Way I Learned It!
    - Helping the Helpers
    - General Help
    - Math Help
    - Science Help

  There is an online flyer that can be printed to send home
  or email to parents.

  For more information about a subscription to this free
  Eisenhower National Clearinghouse weekly web magazine, see:





  The inaugural issue of Innovate, a peer-reviewed bimonthly
  e-journal on research and practice of the use of information
  technology to enhance education, is now available.

  James L. Morrison, Editor-In-Chief, invites users to "... do
  more than simply read. Use our one-button features to comment
  on articles, share material with colleagues and friends, and
  participate in webcasts with authors in our Innovate-Live
  forums. Join us in exploring the best uses of this technology
  to improve the ways we think, learn, and live."

  Articles include:

    - The Future of Learning Technologies: An Interview with
      Chris Dede, by James Morrison

    - Video Game Studies and the Emerging Instructional
      Revolution, by Joel Foreman

    - Experiencing Knowledge, by Donald Norris, Jon Mason, and
      Paul Lefrere

    - Effective Technology Integration in Teacher Education: A
      Comparative Study of Six Programs, by Gilbert Valdez,
      Kathleen Fulton, Robert L. Blomeyer, Jr., Allen Glenn,
      and Nicole A. Wendel

    - Scaling Up: From Web-Enhanced Courses to a Web-Enhanced
      Curriculum, by Robert E. Wood

    - Web Publishing for the Individual, Not the Enterprise,
      by Jonathan Maybaum

    - Rethinking Space and Time: The Role of Internet
      Technology in a Large Lecture Course, by Diane Harley,
      Jonathan Henke, and Michael W. Maher


                      PUZZLES ON WHEELS


  Riders of the San Francisco Municipal Railway will have a
  chance to solve an intriguing puzzle to win $100.00 during
  the fall/winter launch of the "Think Math" poster project.
  Over the next five months, the Mathematical Sciences Research
  Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley is sponsoring a special
  city-wide effort to bring challenging and fun mathematics to
  citizens of all ages, especially school-age children. This is
  a pilot project that MSRI hopes to expand across the nation.

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