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Volume 9, Number 44

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1 November 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 44


        Resources from the American Mathematical Society
                  Women of NASA |


  Math in the Media and the Feature Column, resources from the
  American Mathematical Society (AMS), offer information about
  current mathematics and its applications, and serve as a
  great starting point for math club or classroom discussions.

  Math in the Media
  This section of the AMS site includes:
    - Tony Phillips' Take on Math in the Media, a monthly
        survey of math news
    - Math Digest, short summaries of articles about
        mathematics in the popular press
    - Reviews of books, plays, and films about mathematics

  Feature Column
  The two most recent columns, Parts I and II of "Voting Games,"
  look at what goes on in complex voting situations.


                        WOMEN OF NASA

  The Women of NASA resource was developed to encourage more
  young women to pursue careers in math, science, and
  technology. Throughout history, women have made valuable
  contributions to these fields. Although these disciplines are
  still dominated by men, and these women are seen as
  exceptions, there is a growing appreciation of cultural and
  gender diversity in the workplace. The Women of NASA
  interactive project showcases outstanding women who are
  enjoying successful careers and demonstrates how these women
  balance personal and professional responsibilities.

  The main components of the project are the interactive events
  which include live chats, forums, and webcasts and offer
  participants the opportunity to dialogue with the featured
  mentor. You will also find the profiles and archived events a
  rich source of information on the NASA women and their work.

  Areas of the site include:

    - Profiles
    - Interactive Events
    - Spanish (Bilingual Women of NASA)
    - Teaching Tips
    - Archive




  Fill in the blanks for names and numbers of things, in the
  style of Mad Libs, to make your own arithmetic word problems.
  These Shockwave activities also check your answers for you.

  "Fun Stuff" includes explorations of fractions, probability,
  and rotations. Also, see the lessons in:

    - Numbers
    - Patterns
    - Measurement
    - Geometry
    - Graphing
    - Probability

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