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Volume 9, Number 46

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15 November 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 46


     Dynamic Web Tools Using webMathematica | Teachers' Lab
                   Salem-Keizer's Math Online!


  Johnson County Community College faculty members Steve
  Wilson and Mike Martin have spent two years developing
  interactive Web pages that allow students and faculty to
  compute and visualize mathematical results directly from a
  Web browser. Wilson and Martin created multiple codes for
  specific mathematical activities using the software
  package webMathematica.

  "The advantage is that students can get beyond complex
  computations to look at the implications of a mathematical
  solution," Wilson says. "For example, in medicine, one can
  calculate the rate of drug delivery to a patient, or, in
  video games, one can show how a mathematical matrix makes
  an object move on the screen."

  "We are not circumventing students' mathematical
  understanding," Martin says. "We are complementing it."

  This site recently won the 2004 International Conference of
  Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM) Award for
  Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology in
  Collegiate Mathematics.



  webMathematica adds interactive calculations and
  visualizations to a website by integrating "Mathematica" with
  the Web server technology.


                         TEACHERS' LAB


  The goal of the Teachers' Lab is to provide teachers and
  educators with a deeper understanding of commonly taught math
  and science concepts. Each lab combines online activities
  with background information, interactive polls or worksheets
  that participants can use in their classroom, plus links to
  related material.

  Labs include:

  - The Science of Light
      Learn about light as it relates to color, shadows, and

  - Shape and Space in Geometry
      Discover how geometry is the mathematics of real things.

  - Patterns in Mathematics
      Explore patterns as they occur in language and numbers.

  - A Private Universe Project
      Investigate ideas about seasonal changes and the phases of
      the moon.


                   SALEM-KEIZER'S MATH ONLINE


  Salem-Keizer Public Schools of Salem, Oregon, designed this
  collection of daily math problems to help students in the
  third, fifth, and eighth grades prepare for the State of
  Oregon CIM Benchmark exams. Student exercises are organized
  by grade level, concept, and suggested week.

    - 3rd Grade, 5 problems for weeks 1 through 27
    - 5th Grade, 5 problems for weeks 1 through 27
    - 8th Grade, 5 problems for weeks 1 through 27

  Additional sections include:

    - CIM Problems
    - Logic Problems
    - Math Vocabulary
    - Math Fun!

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