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Volume 9, Number 47

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22 November 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 47


                AlgebraLAB | ResearchBrief - ASCD
   NCTM's 2004-05 Professional Development Focus of the Year           



  Science courses are often where students first realize, "Oh,
  so this is why we learned that in algebra ..." AlgebraLAB
  is an online learning environment that focuses on the high
  school math topics and skills called upon in introductory
  science courses.

  Sections of the site include:

    - Lessons
    - Activities
    - Passages
    - Practice
    - Search
    - Directions
    - StudyAids
    - Glossary


                     RESEARCHBRIEF - ASCD

  This web publication by the Association for Supervision and
  Curriculum Development (ASCD) summarizes original,
  interdisciplinary, high-quality research. Every two weeks,
  ASCD's ResearchBrief presents field-based practitioners and
  policymakers with an overview of a recent study following
  this format:

    - The Question
    - The Context
    - The Details
    - The Bottom Line
    - Who's Affected?
    - Caveats
    - The Study
    - Other Resources

  A sample of titles includes:

    - October 26, 2004: Educator Use of Research to Improve

    - September 28, 2004: The Effect of State Testing on
        Instruction in High-Poverty Elementary Schools

    - August 3, 2004: The Effects on Adolescent Girls of a
        Girls-Only Math and Science Curriculum

    - July 20, 2004: Teacher Quality Measures and Student
        Achievement in Mathematics

    - January 6, 2004: The Effects of Lab Structure on Student
        Achievement and Attitude Toward Science




  For the 2004-05 school year, the National Council of Teachers
  of Mathematics (NCTM) has chosen the theme "Developing
  Algebraic Thinking: A Journey from Preschool to High School."
  In support of that theme, NCTM has assembled links to
  journals, publications, Web sites, and sessions at the Annual
  Meeting and Regional Conferences that relate to algebra, a
  key theme from "Principles and Standards for School

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