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Volume 9, Number 48

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29 November 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 48


              Math Forum Resources for Winter Break
                NASA Explorer Schools | Math TV


  There are many ways to enter the Math Forum site but if you
  would like to give students an assignment over the holidays,
  consider asking them to browse our Student Center.


  For more specific assignments, consider one of these targeted
  areas for free resources:

    - Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week

    - Pre-Algebra Problem of the Week

    - Algebra Problem of the Week

    - Geometry Problem of the Week

    - Ask Dr. Math FAQ and Classic Problems

    - K-12 Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips, & Tricks

    - Math Tools

  If your students worked on any exciting projects over the
  holidays, consider sending us pictures, reports, and/or a URL
  of your website so that we can add it to our Student Showcase.



                      NASA EXPLORER SCHOOLS


  Each spring, NASA establishes a three-year partnership with
  50 new NASA Explorer School teams, consisting of teachers
  and education administrators from diverse communities
  across the country.

  NASA invites the selected teams to work with education
  specialists from NASA Centers in an effort to spark
  innovative science and mathematics instruction for students
  in grades 4 through 9. While partnered with NASA, NASA
  Explorer School teams will acquire new teaching resources
  and technology tools using NASA's unique content, experts
  and other resources -- to provide exciting learning
  experiences science, mathematics and technology for students.

  The deadline for submission of the on-line application for
  NASA Explorer Schools is January 31, 2005.


                           MATH TV


  Math TV is a new Internet learning project designed to help
  middle school students develop problem solving skills. Each
  step-by-step solution is followed by an interactive word
  problem similar to the one students can watch online. The
  practice area has an online calculator and notepad for
  testing ideas or making a drawing.

  The Math TV archive currently contains sixteen Flash movies
  organized under these categories:

    - Whole Numbers
    - Fractions
    - Ratio/Proportion
    - Percentages
    - Geometry
    - Algebra
    - Number Sense
    - Probability

  A new episode will be added each week throughout the school

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