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Volume 9, Number 5

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2 February 2004                                 Vol. 9, No. 5


   Signing Science | CanTeach: Elementary Resources: Math
                   The Wolfram Functions Site

                        SIGNING SCIENCE


  The National Technical Institute for the Deaf, TERC, and
  Vcom3D have collaborated to develop SigningAvatar, a
  visualization technology that assists the education of
  deaf and hard of hearing students. Along with the animated
  sign translator Sign Smith Player, SigningAvatar signs
  text in American Sign Language (ASL) or Signed English (SE).

  The Signing Science project will also

    - evaluate the extent to which the addition of signing
      promotes achievement of specific learning outcomes
    - report the lessons learned
    - create a more robust library for use in SigningAvatar,
      enabling other science curricula

  For full functionality, access the Signing Science site
  from a Windows PC to see SigningAvatar interpret two
  curriculum units:

    - What's the Weather?
      adapted for deaf/hard of hearing students in grades 3-5
    - Are We Getting the Oxygen We Need?
      adapted for deaf/hard of hearing students in grades 5-8




  CanTeach was created to assist teachers in finding and using
  resources online. Although this site has resources all
  educators will find useful, authors Iram Khan and James
  Horner have emphasized lesson plans, resources, and links
  which have a Canadian focus.

  The elementary math resources are organized into these

    - Numbers
    - Patterns and Relations
    - Shape and Space: geometry, measurement, time, money
    - Statistics and Probability
    - A List of Ideas for Math Centres

  Access all of the CanTeach resources:





  The Wolfram Functions Site is a collection of formulas and
  graphics about mathematical functions. Created using
  Mathematica over the course of more than a decade by Wolfram
  Research, the Functions Site currently contains 87,160
  formulas and 10,828 graphics.

  Function categories include:

    - Elementary Functions
    - Constants
    - Bessel, Airy, Struve Functions
    - Integer Functions
    - Polynomials
    - Gamma, Beta, Erf
    - Hypergeometric Functions
    - Elliptic Integrals
    - Elliptic Functions
    - Zeta Functions & Polylogarithms
    - Mathieu Functions
    - Complex Components
    - Number Theory Functions
    - Generalized Functions

  See also Wolfram's mathematics encyclopedia:



  MathWorld is a full-text searchable, comprehensive
  alphabetical encyclopedia of math terms, equations, and
  derivations, with explanations, examples, references, and
  much more.

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