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Volume 9, Number 50

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13 December 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 50


      IAS/PCMI Applications and Information, Summer 2005
                    FleetKids | Math Games!



  The 2005 Summer Session of the IAS/Park City Mathematics
  Institute will be held in Park City, Utah, from
  June 26 - July 16, 2005. This three week residential
  program is organized into six groups:

      - Secondary School Teachers Program
      - Undergraduate Faculty Program
      - Mathematics Education Research Program
      - Graduate Summer School
      - Undergraduate Summer School
      - Research Program

  These groups meet simultaneously, pursuing both individual
  courses of study and a meaningful amount of interaction.
  The rich mathematical experience combined with interaction
  among all participants results in greatly increased
  understanding and awareness of the issues confronting
  mathematics and mathematics education today.

  The research topic for 2005 is "Mathematical Biology" and
  the education topic is "The Mathematics Education of
  Mathematics Teachers."

  Teachers are given full support and a stipend during the
  Summer Session. In addition, 6 quarter-credits of 400-level
  mathematics are available from the University of Washington
  for a nominal fee.

  Learn more about the Secondary School Teachers Program by
  viewing the information posted from previous years on the
  PCMI@MathForum site:


  Deadline for submission of applications is February 15, 2005.
  The IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute is a program of the
  Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, New Jersey.




  FleetKids is a program sponsored by the Bank of America
  Corporation which encourages students to understand that
  "money smarts" means working hard, saving, and investing.

  Individual students and schools can sign-up at no cost; login
  requires nothing more than a nickname and password.
  The Official Rules are here:

  Individual students can play the games and use the other
  resources on the site without participating in the "Learn
  and Earn with Fleet Contest."

  Games to play include:

    - Cash Quiz
    - BuyLo/SellHi
    - Ch-Ching!
    - Play Ball!
    - The Windfall
    - Chunka Change
    - Money Matic

  The Parents Lounge has links to articles, activities, an
  allowance estimator, and other resources for parents to use
  to teach their children about the basics of financial

  The Teachers Lounge includes:

    - Activity Book
    - Lesson Plans
    - Math Strands
    - Games Explained
    - Tools & Calculators
    - Glossary


                          MATH GAMES!

  This week's ENC Focus issue includes articles about
  effectively using games in the elementary and middle school
  classrooms, as well as for assessment.

  "Students have fun playing games. And when games are tied to
  mathematics, they can provide many benefits for both student
  and teacher. Math games make practicing math skills more
  engaging for students, and teachers gain insights into
  students' mathematical understanding."

  Sections of the issue include:

    - Lively Learning with Math Games
    - Math...Who Wants to Play?
    - Students Study Hard but Play Harder
    - Using Games to Understand Children's Understanding
    - Math Games for Grades PreK-2
    - Math Games for Grades 3-5
    - Math Games for Grades 6-8

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