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Volume 9, Number 6

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9 February 2004                                 Vol. 9, No. 6


          Mr. Smith's 4th Grade | Integers - MathStar

                      MR. SMITH'S 4TH GRADE


  Mr. Smith and his fourth grade students from Eugene Field
  Elementary School in Hannibal, Missouri, have put together
  a complete website documenting the work that they are
  doing this year.

  The math area of the site features:
    - 4th Graders at Work
    - Words about Math
    - Playground Perimeter project
    - Math Around Us

  Other areas include a "What Is It?" contest, an exhibit on
  raising monarch butterflies, and pages that show the many
  projects that engage Mr. Smith's students.



  The NewMedia Project area of MathStar offers resources in
  mathematics for middle school teachers and students.
  The Integers unit is comprised of three lessons:

    - Introducing Integers
    - Adding/Multiplying Integers
    - Subtracting Integers

  Each of the three lessons includes:

    - video clips
    - worksheets
    - Flash activities
    - web resources
    - user guides
    - standards alignment
    - discussion groups

  The Integers unit is accessible online and also available
  for purchase for $45 as a "workshop in a box."




  As a student at Northern Illinois University, Jennifer
  Jasensky began researching the seventeen different wallpaper
  patterns that can be created using translations, rotations, and

  Funded by a grant from USOAR (Undergraduate Special 
  Opportunities in Artistry and Research Program), Jasensky 
  studied these patterns in Spain and has created a website 
  with photographs and classifications.

  The site includes:

    - Wallpaper Patterns
    - Patterns in Sevilla
    - Patterns in Granada
    - Patterns in Almeria
    - Lesson Planning
    - Other Helpful Links

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