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What is the Math Forum Internet News?

Having trouble keeping up with Math and Math Education on the Internet? The Math Forum is here to serve as your gateway to the Net, giving you one-stop access to all the math resources you need and maintaining our own model pages and projects.

As a way to keep you informed about all that's going on we've created the Math Forum Internet News, an electronic newsletter sent out via e-mail once a week to those who subscribe.

Each week you can expect to see suggestions of good sites to visit for mathematics and key issues in math education, or tips for what we have at the Math Forum and how to find it.

How can I contribute, and where do I send my feedback?

Contact us to send suggestions and/or comments.

How Do I Subscribe and Unsubscribe?

      To subscribe:

send a message to 

and write in the body      subscribe newsletter

Note: It doesn't matter what you write in the subject line; majordomo doesn't read that.

And as stated in our privacy policy, we never sell or rent your address or other information to third parties for any purpose.

      To unsubscribe:

Kindly follow the personalized link at the bottom of your issue — the one in the sentence "Click here to unsubscribe," right above the icon for Real Magnet.

      Questions about your subscription? Please e-mail


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