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Three Act Math Task
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The mission of the Philadelphia Engineering and Math Challenge (EMC) is to enhance the teaching and learning of problem solving and communication in our city’s public schools through a series of school-based collaborative practice sessions and university-based competitive events.

Sponsored by Drexel University, the Math Forum @ Drexel, Drexel University College of Engineering, Philadelphia Math + Science Coalition.

Drexel University    The Math Forum @ Drexel
Drexel University College of Engineering    Philadelphia Math Science Coalition



Teams of eight (8) students in grades 8-12 from Philadelphia public schools work with math teachers at their schools and mentors from Drexel University to:

  • design creative solutions to engineering challenges
  • present written and oral responses to open-ended mathematics problems, and
  • compete head-to-head in a math quiz bowl round.

Problems of the Week

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Team Composition

Up to 15 public schools in Philadelphia may register a team of 8 students and 1 teacher sponsor for competition. Preference will be given to neighborhood high schools in Philadelphia. Students must be in a grade 8-12. Teams must be led by at least one teacher coach from the students’ high school. A mentor from Drexel may be partnered with each school to provide support.

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